5 Adele videos that will give you all the goosebumps

UPDATED 11/25/15

I've decided and I'm going to declare it now: Adele is the best female singer we've seen in decades. That's right - drop the mic - I said it. She's the shit. Her voice is fucking amazing...and even more amazing when she's just singing alone a cappella with no back up or fancy production.

She's also private, strong, ballsy and foul-mouthed. How is this girl only 27??

These videos will make you go mad for her too.

First one is a 3 song NPR appearance with just a keyboard and a guitar and her lovely voice. Holy shit.

This next one is a cover of The Steel Drivers "If It Hadn't Been for Love." (The Steel Drivers were formerly led by now-acclaimed country music star Chris Stapleton.) Love her commentary and giggling on this one.

This one is Adele's newest track "Hello" and the video that goes with it. 

And last but not least, this is Adele at Royal Albert Hall in London talking about (and singing) what "Someone Like You" means to her. Goosebumps, seriously. 

Need more? Click here for Rolling Stone's recent interview with Adele where she claims that she still sees herself as "some random girl from London." that she's a feminist and that she's bossy. Read it; it will make you smile. 


Couldn't resist adding one more.