Hilary Clinton Makes Hilarious Cameo on SNL - Oct 4, 2015

This might be one of THE best SNL political skits of all time.

Hilary Clinton made a cameo appearance on last night's season premiere of NBC's Saturday Night Live playing a bartender ("Val") to Kate McKinnon's Hilary. 

In the sketch, McKinnon's Clinton is blowing off some steam after a "hard couple of 22 years" and "Val" provides some supportive bartender counsel (and cheap vodka).

To top it all off, not only did "Val" (aka the real Hilary), give a hysterical mini impression of Donald Trump, but former SNL cast member Darrell Hammond made a cameo as Bill Clinton, exclaiming "My god! They're multiplying!"

Talk about making yourself more relatable. Bravo! 

Go Hil!!