It's TV Time! Returning Shows to Get Hyped For | Spring & Summer 2019

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The great thing about this new reality we live in (like, actual reality) with streaming TV options like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon is that new and returning shows debut at various points of the year, not just in the fall like in years past. This means we can look forward to some of our favorite shows coming back just as summer begins and life slows down a little. It’s like Christmas in July!

Here are some of my favorite series that are returning this month and into summer 2019:

Southern Charm, Season 6 (Bravo) - May 15
The perfect summer show! Last we left our favorite Charlestonians Ashley was still around - terrorizing Katherine, Cam just had her baby, Craig was seeing a life coach, T-Rav was accused of rape and Shep was just Sheppin’.

Fleabag, Season 2 (Amazon) - May 17
Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays an unnamed young woman who binges on sex and confrontation to avoid mourning her mother and her best friend. I re-watched season one, just to make sure it was as good as I remember (it did come out in 2016, after all) and yes, I can confirm it is. Of season 2, Vanity Fair writes: “It’s a roller coaster; the balance between high-stakes drama and outrageous laughter is even less stable than in Season 1.” You have seven days to catch up.

Luther, Season 5 (BBC America) - June 2
Need a suspenseful, shocking, graphic, serial cop show with a hot male lead who always goes rogue? Look no further. I’ve been pushing this one on you for years now and I think it’s time you check it out. Catch up on seasons one through four on Netflix.

Below Deck Med, Season 4 (Bravo) - June 3
Another fun summer show to look forward to! Captain Sandy Yawn and 1st Stew Hannah Ferrier are back, as well as familiar deckhands João and Colin, to take on the French Riviera! There’s even a female chef (first time ever on the Below Deck series).

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 3 (Hulu) - June 5
Is it frightening? Sure. Are we heading in this direction in real life? Um, yes. But is it fascinating TV? YES! I won’t spoil anything major in case you - heaven forbid - haven’t caught up yet, but I will leave you with this: Elizabeth Moss said to The Hollywood Reporter about her vision for June in season three, "She is staying to fight to save all the children of Gilead. It's bigger than her now. It's bigger than her and Holly and Hannah. It's all about the sons and especially daughters of Gilead, and fighting for their lives. Seeing the Martha network and the commander has opened her eyes. She is no longer alone. She has an army, and she's going to fight back." FUCK YEAH!

Big Little Lies, Season 2 (HBO) - June 9
I’m not sure we NEEDED a second season of Big Little Lies, based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book, but we sure did WANT it. Looking forward to checking back in with Madeline, Celeste, Jane, Bonnie and Renata in the aftermath of Perry’s death. Meryl Streep joins the cast as the deceased’s mother.

Younger, Season 6 (TVLand) - June 12
Season six picks up with Liza in the stickiest of situations possible, which - if we’re being honest - was pretty inevitable as a 40-something pretending to be a 20-something in the competitive publishing industry. Are you Team Josh or Team Charles? Or are you stuck somewhere in the middle, like Liza herself?

Stranger Things, Season 3 (Netflix) - July 4
More ‘80s fun and scares from Hawkins are coming this Fourth of July. And based on interviews with the cast, season three will be scarier than ever. Natalia Dyer, a.k.a. Nancy Wheeler, called season three “bigger, darker, [and] scarier” than the first two, and Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, revealed that the “threat” (whatever that may be) is more intense this time around. "Oh, yeah, the threat is ... it's brutal. It gets bad. It's very big." Titillating!

Bachelor in Paradise, Season 6 (ABC) - July 29
These days, I bypass The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for the way more fun and funny Bachelor in Paradise. There are still tears, drama and lots of skin - but in a much more laid back and spontaneous environment. See you in Tulum, Mexico!

Mindhunter, Season 2 (Netflix) - August TBD
Finally! We’ve been waiting two years for the return of this crime drama based on the true story of the FBI’s development of modern serial-killer profiling. Word on the street is that season two will feature story lines about David Berkowitz, Charles Manson and the Atlanta Child Murders.

Fire up the DVRs and get to work! P.S. Don’t bother me the week of June 2.

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