Back in TV NEWS: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Anyone who knows me knows I love Sex and the City (SATC). And not only do I love "Carrie Bradshaw," but I love the real Carrie: Sarah Jessica Parker.

I love SJP in a weird, lady-crush way, but also in an admire-y, obsessive, she can do-no-wrong way.

(One exception: SATC II - that was very wrong.) 

I love her fashion, her humor, her enthusiasm, her class, her shoes. The whole package. 

OK, OK I am gushing. I actually have two legit things to share:

1) We learned this week that SJP is returning to HBO in a half hour comedy called Divorce co-starring THC (that's Thomas Haden Church of "Wings" and "Sideways") and Molly Shannon, from Saturday Night Live (most known for playing "Mary Katherine Gallagher"). SJP stars as "Frances," a woman who attempts to restart her life after the end of her marriage. (Read more here from Variety.) This is FABULOUS news.

2) In researching this new show I found this video interview on, which made my freakin' day:

I think we can safely say that "Carrie" was truly shaped by the real SJP and it validates the reasons why I love both of them. 

Gushing over.