Looking back at Sex and the City

I still miss Sex and the City. Like, a lot.

Sure, it was just a TV show.  Sure, it's been gone for ten years (seriously, ten years (!) as of February).  Sure, they weren't really my friends.

But I loved that damn show, as did many women across the globe. Sex and the City was a reflection of what it was like to be in your 30s and 40s: dating weirdos, being single when everyone else is getting married, having great friends who are like family, living life. I think we all learned to appreciate our friendships more, to be more vocal about what we wanted and didn't want and definitely to be more open minded about sex.

And four women were the stars of the show. The men were part of their stories. What other shows do we have - even today - that put women front and center like SATC did? I suppose you could argue that Girls fits that profile, but not being a Millennial myself it's not quite the same. In between SATC's outrageous sex talk, there were real life issues and challenges that we all faced at one point or another.  It was like we were all going through it together. We saw past the shock value into their insecurities, fears and hopes for the future.  

I loved the show. I still watch it. It's like that comfy leather chair you bought because the designer was cute.

Other thoughts:

What do we bond over now? Without SATC in the TV lineup, us girls are forced (OK "forced" is a strong word; how about "resigned?") to get together to watch "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" to get our lady fix. Now, The Bachelor/ette can arguably still produce similar water-cooler type discussions, but it's more in a "this shit's fuckin' crazy" kind of way.

Mr. Big.  Mr. Big was a great character. He represented "that guy" for a lot of women. That guy we all pined for who we knew was bad for us, but who we knew we had crazy chemistry with. For Carrie, it worked out (it's a TV show after all...we wouldn't have had it any other way). For most women, we eventually had to let that guy go.

We ♥ New York.  Sure there are tons of shows set in NYC.  But none had the love affair with NYC that Sex and the City did.  We visited and learned about so many different parts of the city, it was almost like a travel show.  I'm sure many of us remember visiting Magnolia Cupcake. Or Bed.  Or The Boathouse in Central Park.  Or Pastis. Or Balthazar. The list goes on.

We all identified with Carrie. Sure, she used a lot of bad puns, but she was talking about the feelings and emotions that go through all of our heads at one time or another. There was the battle in Carrie (and the other girls) between the need to be independent and the desire to be part of a couple that many women struggle with. How many times did you have a conversation with your friends where all of them claimed to be the "Carrie?" No one would admit to being Charlotte or Miranda...and no one usually came close to being Samantha.

Didn't we all learn a little something here and there about sex that we didn't know before? We learned that spunk can be funky; what "jack rabbit sex" was (I mean, I think we all knew was it was but we didn't  have a name for it); that women could be "squirters;" that there is such a thing as too big. Then there was the variety: chair sex, old guy sex, Rabbi sex, widower sex, bartender sex, fireman sex, Catholic sex, wrestling sex, Weight Watchers sex, safe sex, secret sex, 20-something sex, married sex, recovering alcoholic sex, Viagra sex, sex like a man, yoga sex, cater waiter sex, golden shower sex, jazz sex, swing sex and doorman sex. I'm sure there's more.

No one dressed better than Carrie Bradshaw. Don't you miss seeing what Carrie would be wearing week to week?  She was definitely out there, but she had fabulous style. Sarah Jessica Parker and Patricia Fields, the costumer on the show, always kept Carrie in a great wardrobe of vintage and designer pieces that kept all of us on our toes. It's interesting to see some of the styles she was rocking way back that are just becoming trendy now.

I miss you Sex and the City. But please don't make any more movies. Thank you.


This post is dedicated to my girlfriends back in Boston (and in the 'Cuse).  Sex and the City will always remind me of all of you. Miss you!