Trust me you'll like it: Summer TV 2014


Back in the day, summertime meant that all the TV shows went on hiatus.

Not anymore my friends!  Now that we have a smorgasbord of streaming sites, as well as cable channels making great TV all year round, stuff is dropping all the time.  I'm going to get you stocked up on all kinds of great shows you can catch up on or start watching this summer. 

Here we go:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO

If you watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you know John Oliver.  He has been a Daily Show Correspondent since 2006, and actually sat in as host of TDS last summer while Jon was on hiatus shooting a movie.  He is super funny and snarky.  Well, now he has his own weekly news show on Sunday nights.  Season 1 premiered May 4.  It still has some kinks to iron out but if you have HBO you should be watching.  You can take this as a compromise to me trying to push you on Real Time with Bill Mahar (another of my favorites, but very polarizing).  Catch up on hbogo.

Veep, HBO

I don't understand why more people don't watch Veep!  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is HI.LAR.I.OUS.  And she drops the F bomb constantly (that's my kind of girl).  All the supporting characters/actors are spot on too.  I'd say this is a funnier and crasser version of Parks & Recreation if you need something to compare it to.  Season 3 debuted earlier this month.  Catch up on hbogo or Amazon/iTunes.

Game of Thrones, HBO

I'm including GOT because it is a really great show (my friend Greg says so) and I do watch it every week.  My only teeny problem with it is that I never know what the hell is going on!  But a few things keep me watching:  Peter Dinklage; and the dude named "Hound" who is watching out for one of the Stark kids.  They both have great scene-stealing one liners.  I'm also fond of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, they're bad-ass.  Season 4 started a few weeks ago.  Catch up on hbogo or iTunes/Amazon.

Nurse Jackie, Showtime

This has consistently been one of my favorite shows, even though it's not flashy or talked about much.  Edie Falco is fantastic and all the supporting characters are realistic and quirky.  Merritt Wever actually won an Emmy in 2013 for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for playing "Zoe."  Season 6 started last month.  You can catch up on all the seasons on ShowtimeAnytime or Amazon/iTunes.


Louie, FX

If you don't know Louie CK you are a lost cause.  Just kidding.  Not really.  This is the show that helped to put him on the map.  It's somewhat Seinfeld-ian because he does a stand up bit in the beginning, and the show mirrors his real life.  Season 4 returned May 5.  You can catch up on FX Now, Amazon or iTunes.


Orange is the New Black, Netflix

Season 2 premieres June 6 on Netflix.

I won't go on about this one because you are most likely already watching it or know about it, unless of course you are living under a rock or don't have a computer.  If that's the case, how and why are you reading this??

Masters of Sex, Showtime

This show started off slow, but it's really solid.  It's similar to Mad Men in that it has a lot of early buzz and because it's a period show set in the 1950's.  It has drama, sex, history and a few bad-ass women.  Season 2 returns Sunday, July 13.  Catch up on Showtime Anytime or Amazon/iTunes.

Bachelor in Paradise, ABC

OK I'm not proud of this one, but if you are looking for some cheesy, smutty fun from a summer TV show, this is probably a good bet.  Lonely Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects on a tropical island looking for love?  I think this might be a better idea than Bachelor Pad (yes, I watched that too).  Premieres August 4 on ABC.

True Detective, HBO

True Detective season 1 ranks pretty high in my favorite shows of all time.  It's creepy, suspenseful and intellectual - on the level of Breaking Bad and Lost.  Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are perfect in their roles as small town Louisiana police officers investigating a serial killer.  But since the show format is to change from season to season (the plot, the stars and the location) who knows what will happen next.  Season 2 will most likely return January 2015 and there are already rumors that the plot will revolve around the department of transportation (thrilling!) and that there will be two female leads (names such as Ellen Page, Kate Mara, Emma Stone are swirling around).  It will be interesting to see what they do next, but if you haven't seen Season 1, go find it right now on hbogo or iTunes.

The Mindy Project, FOX

I love Mindy Kaling.  Some of the characters on this show are a little cartoonish, but the show in general is hysterical.  And if you liked Adam Pally on Happy Endings, he's now on TMP as her coworker Peter who tries to make Mindy into a playa playa.  Good stuff.  Season 2 ended last night but you can catch up on Hulu or Amazon.

What shows will you be watching this summer?