A Handier Guide to San Fran


Part II of my trip to San Francisco:  I finally got to escape the hotel on Friday night to head out for some fun.  It turned out to be a night full of great drinks, great food and great views with some successful, funny and bad-ass women from my organization. Here is a cool view of the harbor from the cab:


First stop, a great place called Waterbar, which is within the Embarcadero on the waterfront under the Bay Bridge:


Check it out next time you're in San Fran.  It was the perfect location and has beautiful views of the harbor through floor to ceiling windows.  It also had this work of art:


Yeah, YUM.  Unfortunately we almost killed Heidi with the smell of it because of a shellfish allergy we weren't aware of.   Oops.  Got out of there post haste.

Next project: group photo!  Despite all the stupid stuff that goes on at work, there is always a pocket of really fantastic people and here are four of them (five if you include me):


These ladies are funny as hell too.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while.   Anyway, next stop:  dinner in North Beach, which is San Fran's Italian section.  We met up with some co-workers at Original Joe's, which is a traditional Italian place.   Great food, great atmosphere, great service and lots o' laughs.  Here's another group photo:

Last stop of the night:  meeting up with more fabulous people at Johnny Foley's.  We couldn't get into the piano bar section downstairs (guess this is a popular place) so we went upstairs to the Irish bar.  Great spot with a live band only two blocks from our hotel in Union Square.

The next day was the final day of the conference and was actually the busiest for our team.  After I finished up our last (and most contentious - ugh) session it was on to meet up with my brother Ryan, who lives in Santa Cruz, and his girlfriend Jenn, who I was meeting for the first time.  P.S. they are an adorable couple!  They picked me up and took me to É Tutto Qua!, an Italian place on Columbus Ave.  I scarfed down delish vino and fantastic risotto:


And got to know my future sister in law:


Highly recommend (both the restaurant and Jenn)!

We closed the night at a place called Rye on Geary Street, which I believe now that I look it up is in the Tenderloin, which is probably not where you want to be walking around (take a cab!), but its a really cool spot. Jenn and I had a "La Lambada", which they described as "cachaça and mezcal spiced with jalapeño, fresh lime juice and bitters" or what I would more succinctly call a hipster version of a jalapeño margarita:

That's it, boys and girls.  My foray back to San Francisco, although mostly filled with work, ended with the discovery of a few new friends and a few new spots that I happily recommend to you.  Happy travels!