A Working Girl's Not-So-Handy Guide to San Francisco

I had grand plans to blog about all the great new places I was going to visit/try during my work trip to San Francisco this week.  Got here Wednesday afternoon to beautiful weather and a hotel in a great location.  But here's the thing about work travel - it sucks!  I haven't left the hotel yet.  I'm scheduled to be somewhere at all times and there are the obligatory evening receptions that are, of course, also in the hotel (note: I did get to see Kool & the Gang last night...that was a fun distraction).

Thankfully the plan is to head out tonight.  And I will do my very best not to go so wild I can't get up tomorrow morning (that seems to be my M.O., especially the time I was so hung over I had to make my boss go get me McDonald's at 2pm.)  (See? Bossiness does come in handy.)  

Oh and I will be meeting up with my brother and his girlfriend tomorrow night.  Very excited for that.

Here's a great pic from a top floor reception I went to the other night:


It's not all bad.  To be continued...