9 Pinterest projects you need to try now

Raise your hand if you love Pinterest. 

Raise your hand if you love Pinterest so much you have 9 gazillion pins and have no idea what's in there any more and it's one big overwhelming mess. 

Yup. There's no way to ever keep up. Wouldn't it be nice if we really had the time to make all our own gifts, cook every meal and redecorate our homes to actualize all of our pins? We'd have the most stylish, delicious and affordable lives ever.

That's not going to happen.

But I'm here to help. I've actually done a few Pinterest projects that 1) actually work and 2) are super easy. I can't say I've tried a ton of things, but I do have some that I either go back to again and again or I highly recommend you trying. Here are my faves so far:

1. Homemade eye makeup remover: I found this one when I ran out of real make up remover and couldn't find a non-oily kind to replace it. All you need is baby oil, baby shampoo, water and an empty container, all of which you can find in the travel section of CVS or Target. Click here for the recipe I use.

2. Wine cork peg board: If you drink a lot of wine then you probably have corks coming out the wazoo. I really love the look of using corks in decor and the memories the different bottles can bring back (of course, some blurrier than others). The above is made with two yard sticks. Use these peg boards to post your favorite photos or greeting cards during the holidays. If you need instructions beyond "hot glue corks to a yard stick," click here.


3. Jewelry organization: If you have a lot of jewelry then you have the problem of storing it so that a) it doesn't get all tangled up and b) you can see everything you have. I obviously have a problem in this area (the above isn't even all of it). Anyway, the goal here is creating a space where you can hang your necklaces, bracelets etc so that they can be free. If you do it right, it can even look like wall decor. This is an extraneous towel bar I have in my bathroom with silver shower curtain rings. I live alone so I can get away with this. Instead, you might want to use a pretty cork board or decorative knobs behind your bedroom door. Click here or here or here for additional ideas.

4. Re-purposed food jar candles: These are a no-brainer. A quick soak in some soapy hot water and the labels fall right off. Above you have a marinara jar, a salsa jar, a pickle jar, an olive jar, a pimiento jar and a caper jar. Companies like Classico actually use real Mason jars. The large jars can be home to anything you want to put inside with your candles - sand, shells, marbles, rocks, coffee beans. The small jars look great with just a white votive. Super simple and unique.

5. Homemade cleaners: Turns out, three ingredients that you probably already have on hand (salt, vinegar, baking soda) can help take care of some common issues you have around the house. First go to is the smelly towel refresh. This one is just vinegar and baking soda and yes, it really works. Click here for the directions. Next, the clogged drain flush (click here for the recipe). If you are prone to clogged drains you could even do this once a week as a preventative measure to keep your drains clear. Click here to learn other ways to use vinegar around the house.

6. Framed memory collages: If you are a saver (a step right below "hoarder"), you probably have loads of ticket stubs and other mementos laying around, taking up room in your junk drawer. Well, I say get it all out of the drawer and show that shit off! Use your memories as decor. Give your walls some unique flair. I framed my favorite concert tickets, but you could do sports events tickets, theater playbills, postcards or matchbooks. They are colorful and interesting and show a little of your personality. 

7. Paper bag "microwave" popcorn: Not sure if you've heard, but microwave popcorn can kill ya. Oil popping or air popping is much safer and keeps this go-to treat a healthy high fiber snack and not something that will give you cancer. I learned how air pop in the microwave on Pinterest, but changed it up a little and made it my own. Click here to read how I do it.

7. DIY subway art: You need to have a good relationship with Mod Podge to do this one. But if you do, it's a nice alternative to a regular frame for displaying a cool poster or piece of artwork. Click here for my go to instructions.

9. Sugar scrubs: Coconut oil is so hot right now. Not only can you use it for cooking, but you can use it on your hair, skin, nails and lips. I personally like using coconut oil to make sugar scrubs, especially to combat dry skin in the winter. There are lots of varieties with and without coconut oil (click here for a number of different recipes), but I like mine with raw sugar and lavender essential oil (view recipe here). 

What are your favorite Pinterest successes? Tell me in the comments!