Be Your Own Valentine | 10 Ways to Be Good to Yourself This V-Day

I thought a lot about how to tackle V-day this year. Last year I focused on Galentine's Day, and the things you can do for your favorite gals. It was cute (IIDSSM, read here). This year why don't we focus on ourselves? Valentine's Day is supposed to about treating someone nice; so whether you have a Valentine or not, how about you use this time to think about how to treat yourself nice for a change? Because chances are, you're still putting everyone else in your life first and you're constantly stressed. Here are some ideas to make your own damn day.

First things first: don't wait around for some dope to figure out exactly what you want. No one knows you better than you do! So go out there and splurge on something you really want. You don't just WANT that pair of shoes; you NEED them!

I know you know how satisfying it is to flip someone off who's really fucked with you. Cursing is also fun. And honking. Honking is the best. People do stupid shit and make you mad. Just let it out!  

Stop trying to be perfect. That idea that everything you do/wear/say/make has to be either A) PERFECT! or else it's B) SHIT. There is a middle ground in there somewhere. As the wise Robin Williams said to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting: "The flaws are the best part." You are fabulous just the way you are!

This one isn't easy for a lot of women. We like to handle - and control - everything. But you know what else is satisfying? Telling other people what to do and sitting back and watching them work. Even if it doesn't get done perfectly (see #3) at least it's one less thing you have to do. 

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This means different things to different people. For you, this could mean getting a massage or pedicure. For me, it could mean taking a spontaneous mid-day nap (and by "spontaneous," I really mean "regular"). For others, exercise could do the trick (who are these people??). Binge watch TV. Read a book. Meditate. Fall asleep in your car. Whatever you need to recharge your batteries, do it.

For one gosh darn day, stop saying "I'm Sorry." To your friends, to your colleagues, to strangers, to your partner. What are you sorry for? Don't preface everything you say with "I'm sorry but..." Do you know what that means? Essentially you are saying "I'm sorry I'm not [smart, important, authorized] but I'd like to say something that's actually pretty important." Isn't that crazy? You don't have to qualify when you'd like to say something. Just say it! #sorrynotsorry

This one applies all year round. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks. You do you. Try it on and see how you like it. (Trust me, you're gonna like it.) #bethebossofyou

Want some non-stop, unconditional, lappin' your face, intense, dreamy love? Sounds nice doesn't it? Get a dog. Not only is it a good thing to do (#adoptdontshop), but you'll be happier, healthier and more social. It's proven, y'all.

9. DANCE. 
I don't know about you, but I love to dance. It makes me happy. I'm not good at it, but it makes me happy. Whether you have your own dance party in your living room or you can set up a night out with just your girlfriends where you drink way too much and dance yourself silly, DO IT. Sure, the hangover will be fierce and your feet might never be the same, but the memories will last forever. (Memories, what are those??)

If all else fails, turn to food. Take the liberty this Valentine's Day to splurge on what you like. Go out to your favorite restaurant, order the naughtiest take out or stick your face in a cake. Just make it good and don't feel bad about it after. 

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