This is Why I Will March January 21

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Today is a shit day. Not as much as tomorrow, or the next 1,460 days of course, but it's still shitty. Not only is this President Obama's last official day in office (read his awesome farewell letter to America here), but today was the day I had a flight booked to Washington DC to attend the inauguration of the first female President of the United States. 

That plan obviously fell apart, but in its place I will proudly represent Hillary and all my fellow progressives as I march in my local Women's March in Atlanta on Saturday.

But marching and showing solidarity is only the first step. The real revolution comes from action. And from Saturday forward I will do everything I can to bring positive, progressive, democratic change locally and nationally.

So why am I marching?

  • Because Donald Trump does not represent me or anything I stand for

  • Because this is not a joke anymore; this is really happening

  • Because I need to take the first step toward making a difference

  • Because I'm afraid of being passive

  • Because I owe Hillary Clinton

  • Because I already miss President Obama

  • Because I support women and the role we play in making real change

  • Because I support minorities, immigrants, the LGBT community and all others who are in jeopardy of losing rights and who fear for their safety

  • Because racism and sexism are still alive and well in this country

  • Because I can’t stand idly by while what I believe in is dismantled by an ignorant man and his followers

  • Because sexual assault is not OK

  • Because we all deserve the right to affordable healthcare and birth control

  • Because I believe in a woman's right to choose and I am afraid of losing that right

  • Because being kind and mature and supportive and educated and dignified are values I believe in

  • Because love trumps hate

  • Because we are stronger together

  • Because I’m a nasty woman

  • Because I’m bossy AF

  • Because I can

Because Fuck them, that’s why

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