Hillary Clinton's Best Quotes from the First 2016 Presidential Debate

There you have it friends: the first debate of the 2016 presidential election. And it was a doozy. 

Watching the debate felt surreal. This can't be really happening, right? Donald Trump - the arrogant, cheating, lying creep - was head to head against Hillary Rodham Clinton - former attorney, campaign manager, women's and children's advocate, first lady, senator from New York, secretary of state i.e. the most qualified person to ever run for the Oval Office. WTF, right?

And it went as expected: HRC was calm, intelligent, poised and prepared - like always. And Trump - like always - was ill-prepared, vague, disrespectful, immature and untruthful. 

Since I'm extremely sick of talking and hearing about this idiot, let alone writing about him, I am going to put my energy into sharing the nuggets of inspiration and hope Hillary gave us last night. These quotes illustrate why she should (and will be) our next POTUS. Enjoy.

And don't forget the best part:

GIF from dailydot.com

GIF from dailydot.com

Please please please people: get out and VOTE. Get your neighbors and families and colleagues to vote. There has never been a more important election in our lifetime, let alone in your kids' lifetimes. 

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