What "Pantsuit Nation" really means for all of us

(Pant) Suit up! (Photo from timeout.com)

(Pant) Suit up! (Photo from timeout.com)

I'm sure we can all agree that this election has been surreal. S-U-R-R-E-A-L. Ridiculous. Disgusting. Just plain crazy. Up is down. Cats and dogs, living together. 

The thought that a racist, misogynistic, ignorant pig who lies, cheats and assaults could rob this country of the most qualified President we've ever had. It’s INSANE. How does everyone not see that? Are our realities that so much different?

I guess they are, because I cannot fathom a vote for Trump, let alone try to understand why anyone would vote for him. 

It scares the shit out of me (and everyone else I know) that he has riled up a fringe group in this country that want to go back to a time where the white man was king. A time of outward discrimination and racism against minorities, gays and women. How can this group be this large and vocal in the United States of America in two thousand fucking sixteen?

That’s why when I read this post last month from Matthew Yglesias of news site Vox I had some hope. Matthew wrote that there is a new "silent majority" in this country; a silent majority made up of educated women and minorities. A silent majority who is supporting Hillary Clinton.

Hmm…tell me more. I like that. I’m an educated woman. He’s talking about me! 

Here’s more from Vox:

“Clinton led in the Democratic primary from the first day to the last, and has consistently led in general election polling since the beginning of the campaign. Yet the Clinton voter has not made the same kind of impression on the media, in part because the new silent majority voter offers less visible evidence of being fired up and the new silent majority’s signature politicians — Clinton and Obama — do not do grand performance of anger, even at a time when rage is all the rage in American politics.”

So is that the problem? We aren’t hearing from all factions? We hear so much about the Trump supporters and Bernie supporters are we forgetting that there is a very large niche of voters out there who may be taking it all in and planning their coup? Are the sane folks the quietest? The ones that don’t show up at rallies to yell at each other? The ones who cast their vote and urge others to do the same by talking to them with civility and understanding? Who are diverse and fair and kind and want the same for their kids and their country? The ones who aren't driven by anger but by empowerment and hope and opportunity?

I think he’s hit the nail on the head. The other thing he notes that is probably the biggest piece of the puzzle: the silent minority has the most to lose in this election. Women, immigrants, minorities and the LGBT community. We've come so far, but a Trump presidency could set us back decades.

And that’s why this “minority” will be such a force on Election Day (today!). We are smart and motivated and we – as a collective group – are tired of taking shit from old, conservative white men like Donald Trump. 

And I don't think we're so silent any more.

This week we've seen that silent majority come out of its shell in the form of "Pantsuit Nation." 

Formed by Maine resident Libby Chamberlain (go Maine!), “Pantsuit Nation” started so she and her fellow Dems could talk about Hillary in peace, without offending anyone or starting fights in their social circles or on Facebook. They could gush about their feelings for Hillary and for what it means to them to vote in this election. The rules of the group were simple: only invite other people who you knew were supporters. It isn't a group for dissent or debate, it is a group to share and to bond and to unite. (Read more from The Washington Post).

Well, that group grew, as I'm sure you've heard. In just 17 days of existence, the “secret” Facebook group has become home to 2.5 million (and growing) passionate Clinton enthusiasts. 

What does this mean? I think it means a lot. 

It means we’re out here. And it means we aren’t alone. There is more allegiance, agreement and cohesiveness in this country than we were being led to believe. 

We may be quiet and reserved and respectful – compared to Trump’s supporters – but we’re out here. We are incredibly passionate and certain not only about our candidate; but of what it means for all of us for her to be elected. For what it means for our own freedoms and rights and jobs and healthcare and futures, and for what it means to and for women. 

And no, "Pantsuit Nation" is not just made up of women. Men are in there too. Men who respect, appreciate and support a qualified candidate who can lead this country into the future – male or female. Men who are not afraid of a woman with power and influence.

It means that despite all the noise, all the ruckus about emails and the GOP’s attempt to knock Hillary down; we are out here for her and we remain strong for her. We are here to push her to the top. We may be quiet but we are mighty.

And to quote the last line of Matthew’s great post:

"To win as a minority, you have to learn to play nicely and work well with others. Clinton’s voters — and Clinton herself — have mastered that, and in doing so made themselves the new majority."

The majority who will elect the first female President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton.