How Can You Still Support Donald Trump?

I’ve had some real trouble trying to control myself on social media lately (OK, all year) to keep from ranting and raving about this election on a daily basis. On one hand, I’ve thankfully kept my mouth shut from posting commentary that would alienate and annoy people. But on the other, I just can’t resist sharing articles and posts that I think are important - which I am sure is still alienating and annoying people anyway.


You see, I have two very, very strong and passionate views: 1) Donald Trump is a idiot monster and can never be POTUS; and 2) Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and capable person for the job. 

And so I’ve written about my respect for and support of Hillary here on my blog. I’ve done my part. I haven't wanted to write any posts (rants) about the campaign that were negative or about DT in particular. 

But as the days click by…and the rhetoric and the sound bites and the interviews continue, I am…


So I must rant.

Those words above describe how I feel about people who continue to support – or who plan to vote for – Donald Trump.

This has nothing to do with politics. Really. If Trump were a Democrat and he were running against Republicans Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, or even, gulp, Ted Cruz, I would have to vote for the Republican. I am saying this as a registered and loyal Democrat.


Why? Because Donald Trump is an abhorrent person. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist – doesn’t matter. 

Enough is enough.

Seriously, enough. 

You had your fun. You rebelled. You gave the circus clown his time in the sun. You got swept up in the “Make America Great Again” rhetoric and the idea that someone could ride in on a white Bentley and save us all.

From what? That’s the big question, right? 

But enough. You backed the wrong horse. You went all in when you should have playing another game entirely. 

It’s time to get serious.

Donald Trump is the worst representative of the human race, let alone candidate to represent the United States of America.

He hates women. We knew this even before Friday’s leaked audio of him yukking it up with Billy Bush about assaulting a woman; a married woman no less.

He has contempt for our entire gender. We are here to entertain and annoy him. Showpieces. Objects. Subject of his scorn and ridicule. 

You have to know this, Trump voters. 

The problem is, you do. 

You know he’s a sexist pig. And you don’t care.

You know he’s a bigot. A racist. And a xenophobe. And you don’t care.

You know he’s a homophobe. And you don’t care. 

You know he doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes. That he think that makes him smart. And you don’t care.

You know he’s a crook, a liar and a conman. And you don’t care.

You know he isn't really a good Christian, or share your values or morals. You know this. Deep down, you know this. But you don’t care.

Trump supporters know all about Trump’s dirty laundry. That he doesn’t play by any standard mores or rules of engagement for a presidential candidate. And that’s why you love him. 

He’s politically incorrect and you think that is a breath of fresh air.

What does all this say about you?

I’ll tell you what it says about you:

It says that you are just as racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic as he is.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is a veiled desire to bring America back to a time where the white male was king. These days, minorities and gays and women and immigrants have freedoms and voices and places at the table and you feel threatened. Your masculinity and sense of superiority has taken a hit. Your ego can’t take it. So you support someone who promises to bring us back to the good ole days. 

Get rid of gay marriage, and civil liberties, and women's rights, and human services. You want our society to go back to a time where the white man was in control of what other classes of people could do or say or think. 

This is what a vote for Trump says about you. It does. I’m sorry if you disagree. But it's true. You are what you support.

Trump is just a vessel. An empty shell of a human that has been filled and enlivened by the specter of your hatred and fear. You are the Zuul that’s invaded Dana Barrett to carry out your devious mission.

That’s why Donald Trump has not gone away. He knows your spirit is forceful. That it will carry him onward and upward.

But you need to think about who you are supporting and carrying. You’ve created a monster that you will lose control of. You think you are using him, but he is using you. He has made you think he is a puppet. But he will turn on you. He has no allegiance to anyone except himself. Don’t you see?

This is why the game you are playing is so dangerous. And why this man cannot be President of the United States.

Look inside yourself. It doesn't have to be this way. You can change. When you head into the voting booth on November 7, when no one is watching, ask yourself what you want for this country. What you want for your children. I think if you do that you will finally see that you cannot let that hate-filled monster win this election. Sure, you supported him up until now. But we all make mistakes. Don’t let that mistake take down our country.