15 of My Favorite Things from the '80's

Ah, the 80's: the bright colors, the crazy outfits, the big hair. We used rotary phones and record players and rode our bikes all day long by ourselves without helmets or knee pads. Those were the days. It was a simpler time. 

Here are some of my favorite things from the fabulous decade that was the 1980's. I guarantee it that most Gen X girls have a similar list:

Love's Baby Soft: I'm not sure you could have been a legit girl in the '80's without spraying on a healthy dose of LBS every day. It smelled like a combination of baby powder and raging hormones. 


Essential footwear - China flats and Dr. Scholl's clogs: Probably two of the reasons my feet hurt as much as they do now. But ever so cute.

Portable cassette player: I'd record Casey Kasem's American Top Forty from the radio, then strut around the block playing it loud.


Buttons: My faves were Michael Jackson (I had at least four), Bryan Adams and I ♥ New York buttons. I rocked mine on my bitch'n white jean jacket.

Roller skates with pom poms: You couldn't step foot in the Happy Wheels in my town without pom pom embellishments for your skates.

The music. My top five albums right there.

Judy Blume books: Another requirement of being a girl in the '80's. You would slap on some Love's Baby Soft and learn all you needed to know about dating and periods and scoliosis and "Two Minutes in the Closet."

Arm bandanas: Don't remember these? I used to have arms full of them - in all different patterns and colors. And no, I wasn't in a heavy metal band or even a heavy metal groupie. I just loved the look.

Friendship pins: I spent hours making these. Basically the '80's equivalent of crafting.


Maybelline's "Kissing Potion" lip gloss: I don't think I was doing a lot of kissing with bubble gum flavored Kissing Potion, but it definitely made me feel sophisticated.


MTV: We were the first generation to get our hands on MTV when it launched in 1981. They actually used to show all videos, all the time. How charming!

My sticker collection: Obsessed. Seems too simple a phenomenon for kids these days. 

Braided ribbon barrettes: Just look at these. So adorable. I want some now!


The big side ponytail...better yet, big side pony with glitter hair spray: Big hair was a must in the '80's and I had lots of it. The side pony and the glitter hair spray came out for big occasions like dances at the Y and birthday parties. How I still have hair after putting all that toxic shit in there is a mystery (see also, Aqua Net).


Dance Party USA: Bob Catalano, how did I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. Your shades. 2. Your jean jacket. 3. Your lip syncing.  4. Your, like, totally awesome vibe. Fer shur.

There you have it Gen X-ers. What were your faves?