Happy one year Blog-iversary to Meeeeeeeeee!

one year.jpg

One year ago today, I had the genius idea to start writing my own blog. Why? I can't even remember now. I think I wanted to share recipes and find a way to harness some creativity. It's turned into a real passion for writing and for coming up with things I think the world would be interested in (can't win 'em all, he). I can't believe it's been a whole year. Time flies when you're goofing off at work.

In honor of one year down, here are some things I've learned along the way:

  1. I think about ideas for posts ALL the time.
  2. Sometimes I prefer writing to being around people (no offense to anyone in particular).
  3. I write a lot of dumb stuff. And that's just the stuff I post. You should see the stuff I don't post.
  4. I get some heavy duty writer's block from time to time.
  5. I know it's stupid, but I loooove watching and recapping The Bachelor/ette.
  6. I need to dive into video more (like Vimeo or Vine, not porn).
  7. I am not sure anyone other than you, my handful of loyal followers, is reading any of this shit.
  8. I write too much about my dog.
  9. I am still trying to wrap my brain around ads and SEO. Baby steps.
  10. Blogging isn't helping my predilection for being a lazy bastard.
  11. Hosting your own blog site and emails is hard work. I'm sure you've noticed my posts have slowed down.
  12. Can't slow down on posts! Must get discovered!
  13. I love comments (hint hint).
  14. I really love it when you share my blog with others (HINT HINT)!

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and thanks for sharing! And most of all thanks for your support. Someday when I'm rich I'll take you all out for beer and Totchos.