What the what!? Kids today and their #kyliejennerlipchallenge

The role model (photo from celebuzz.com)

The role model (photo from celebuzz.com)

I have some news for you: kids today are officially bat-shit crazy.

If you haven't already heard, girls (and some guys) -- in an attempt to have big, luscious, puffy lips a la Kylie Jenner -- are suctioning their LIPS in shot glasses and other receptacles (did I see a yogurt container?) and posting the results-gone-wrong on social media (because that's what you do). 



Apparently the suctioning creates instantaneous lip puffiness, but long term there's bruising and broken blood vessels. Ouchie.

And I thought high-waisted jorts and flower headbands were bad. This is taking vanity and body dysmorphia to a new level.

Girls, save your money and get ACTUAL lip injections if you are feeling your lips aren't large enough. Hey, I think they even sell lip puffing lip gloss at Sephora. Try that! Giving yourself bruises and hickeys ON YOUR FACE is not the answer. 

Or, might I suggest, sit back and think about this a little more rationally. Why do you want ginormous lips? Are you trying to get into porn? Modeling? No? Then why do you want to look all porn-y? Sure, big lips can be sexy, but don't you have an everyday life you need to be a part of? Do you want to look like the office bimbo? 

I think everyone out there is getting dumber. They must be if they are longing to be/look like the Kashdashian/Jenner sisters. Are sex tapes cool these days too?

Click here or here (seriously? the Washington Post is writing about this shit?!) to read all about it.

For a laugh check out this video:

OK see ya. I'll be over here high-fiving myself for the fact that I will never have a child who does this to herself.