25 Random Things that Make Me Happy

On the Today show this week, NBC showcased a new study by UK healthcare group Bupa, that asked 2,000 people what brought them happiness. Turns out, it's not fancy cars, lots of money or tropical vacations; it's the simple things that make most people (who answered this survey) really happy. The list of experiences is pretty straightforward -- things many of us would agree with: feeling the sun on your face; Fridays; when people say "thank you;" a soothing massage. (Read the entire list here.) 

So I decided to come up with my own list, but make it a little more specific. I'm hoping that looking at it when I'm feeling like a grump will remind me that life is essentially good and you just have to wait out the crappy stuff. Everyone should make one!

Here goes:


1.  When someone makes you something to eat and says "oh by the way, it has bacon in it."

2. Taking that first sip of coffee in the morning and feeling it working its magic.

3.  Seeing the first flowers and leaves starting to bud and knowing that spring is finally here.

4. Having someone else wash and blow dry your hair.

blow dry.jpg

5. Getting home from a long day, putting on yoga pants and remembering you have one of your favorite guilty pleasure shows waiting for you on the DVR.

6. When you're looking at a menu and see something with mushrooms and truffles in it. YUM.

7. Finding the perfect pair of designer sunglasses at TJ Maxx for less than $20.

8. Watching a video that always gives you the laughs. For me it's:

9. When a meeting you're dreading gets cancelled at the last minute. 

10. Sinking into a comfy hotel bed with big fluffy pillows, A/C on full blast, after a long day of traveling.

11. An 80 degree day with no humidity that stays warm into the evening.

12. Pizza. Everything about pizza.

13. A rainy Sunday that gives you a great excuse to just be lazy.

14. The twinkly lights and smell of Christmas trees during the holidays.

15. When a new season of your favorite show starts.

16. Being on vacation, especially if it involves a beach, a Miami Vice and fresh guacamole.


17. Going to said beach and managing not to get any sand on you. (I hate sand!) 

18.  Watching one of your favorite bands from the front row.

19. How adorable dogs (I guess kids too) look when they sleep.

20. Finding the perfect present for someone and knowing for a fact that they will love it.

21. When people do what you tell them to do. Don't lie - you enjoy it too.

22. When a stranger is polite in a store, or a line, or just anywhere. "Excuse me" or "Oh, I'm sorry" or "You're good!" are pure gold these days.

23.  Seeing old friends and picking up exactly where you left off.

24. Hitting all green lights, especially when you're running really late.

25. Cuddling with your dog after a shitty day.

Tell me what makes you happy! (It will bring me happiness; see #21.)