My Dog's Bucket List

A story came out recently in the Daily Mail about a dog named Coco. Coco has terminal cancer and her owners are completing a bucket list for her in the few weeks she has left. Brilliant, right? She's done stuff like running on the beach; eating steak at a local pub; visiting her owners' jobs; eating an ice cream cone by the shore. They are giving her the best experiences of her life before she passes away. (Read the article from the Daily Mail here.)

Although this is the saddest story ever and I can't imagine what these people are going through, I love what they are doing. Every dog needs a bucket list, whether they are sick or not. And since my dog Jessie Belle had a rough life starting out - she roamed the streets, got hit by a car, was thrown in the hoosegow, went through major surgery - I want to make her life extra special. Plus, I already have my own bucket list and fair's fair, right?

But first, here are the milestones she's already checked off:

Go to the beach. 

Rock Halloween.

Have a vacation fling.

Take a road trip.


Swim in the ocean.


Meet a lobster in Maine. 

Go to the Beltline Lantern Parade (even though it was scary).


Swim in the pool.

Play in the snow.

Celebrate a milestone birthday (5!).



JB reading BITNB

Serve time.

Sit in a bucket.


And the main event...

Jessie Belle's Bucket List:

  1. Play in the kid's fountain at the park.
  2. Earn some extra money modeling and/or win a modeling contest.
  3. Bite someone who deserves it (e.g. intruder, rapist, mugger). 
  4. Go on a boat.
  5. Ride in a parade.
  6. Have a little brother or sister.
  7. Visit sick people and make them happy.
  8. Have her own yard to play in.
  9. Eat a meal made entirely of bacon, peanut butter and steak.
  10. Go full speed after a squirrel. No leash, no rules.

Her wishes are my command! Let's do this JB!


Post updated August 26, 2016