Are you there Dog? It's me, Jen.

Some days, you have more questions than answers. When "What the fudge am I doing here?" continuously floats through your head as you sit in meeting after meeting talking about arbitrary goals that don't mean shit except how big some VP's bonus is going to be, you start to wonder if you'll ever have any answers.

In homage to one of my favorite books from my "childhood," (and by childhood, I mean "puberty") here are a few more questions I have come up with today. I just feel the need to get them out. 

  • What do I want to be when I grow up? 
  • And the associated: Will I ever grow up?
  • Will the Red Sox be good this year?
  • Will I ever find an online dating site that has normal humans to choose from?
  • Why is my ADD so bad lately? (SQUIRREL!)
  • How do you make the perfect poached egg?
  • Why do girls wear high waisted jorts?
  • Is there an exercise you can do to decrease your bust? ("I must, I must...")
  • Why do I love The Bachelor so much?
  • Will I ever be rich?
  • Why do they show commercials at the movie theater?
  • If 50 Shades of Grey is so bad, why did so many people read it?
  • Does JB know what I'm thinking? 
  • Why can I remember my dead grandmother's phone number but not if I brushed my teeth this morning?
  • Is patience really a virtue?
  • How will I ever get George Clooney to notice me?
  • What about Tina Fey?
  • Did everyone pick Kentucky to win the NCAA championship?
  • Who invented liquid soap and why?
  • How do I get more people to read this blog???

Anyone have any answers?