What the what!? Dec 4, 2014

I hate to harp on the body image/sexism issue, but there's always so much to choose from.

Have you heard about Coke's new fabricated milk product, called Fairlife? It's a "milk drink" with less sugar and extra protein and calcium. It's first ad campaign has also already been accused of being sexist.

Fairlife's ads are of naked women, dressed only in milk in old-school "pin-up" style poses. One's milk "dress" is flying up a la Marilyn Monroe. One is actually standing on a scale. The ads have apparently been circulating in certain markets since the summer (hello Denver and Minneapolis - why didn't you say anything??) but are just hitting the media now because of an op-ed written by Laura Bates in The Guardian this week. Laura critiqued the campaign for "the sexualisation of the women" and called Coca-Cola "unoriginal" for releasing the sexist pictures. She also points out that the campaign is "just the latest in a never-ending stream of examples of women’s bodies used as advertising fodder with scant regard for relevance or originality."

I have to agree with her on that. I'm not quite sure I even get the point of the ads. I mean, I get corporations using sex to sell, but what about retro naked women pin-ups would inspire someone to buy and drink fabricated milk? Is it because we associate drinking milk with the '50s? (I just pulled that out of my butt, I really have no idea.) If this drink is supposed to be super healthy and jack you up with protein, why not sell it with images of runners, or aerobicizers, or old ladies with osteoporosis, or as a replacement in kids' lunchboxes? Who do you think buys milk anyway, Coke?? #wtw

The Fairlife product is still only available in test markets and Coke claims they will develop a new campaign when the product is officially released.

I thought you'd want to know.