What I'm thankful for this year


It's the eve of Thanksgiving so it's important to think about what we're thankful for. So before I start drinking (it's tradition), here's a quick list of some of the things -- some small, some big -- that I am thankful for.

I am thankful...

...for lists. If you haven't noticed, this is my favorite way to share information.

...for my DVR: Space travel and bionic arms are cool and all, but is there any invention better than the DVR? I can record up to 4 shows at the same time!

...that I get to wear make-up. I sorta feel bad that guys don't have this option. If they are pale, have dark circles or blemishes, they are screwed. They come as is. I appreciate the ability to slap on some concealer, mascara and bronzer and look 200% better than the creature gets out of my bed every morning.

...for Tylenol PM. Nothing's worse than not being able to sleep the night before going back to work after a busy (boozy) weekend. Tylenol PM has just enough stuff in it to put me down for the night.

...for my sweet Jessie Belle. She makes me laugh every day. And even though I have to clean up her "business" and walk her when it's cold out, I can't imagine not having her in my life.

...for doggie daycare. Cus sometimes I need a break.

...that I am not traveling this year for the holidays in this Nor'easter they're forecasting. It's a bummer not to see family, but there are other great times of the year to see them, like -- the summer. Or, the summer. And speaking of not traveling, I'm thankful...

...that I have good friends who live in my neighborhood who host a giant "Friends-giving" every year for all us wayward transplants whose families live far away. It's like a second home.

...that I still have a job. That's not the case this year for some people at my organization. And I'm thankful...

...for WordPress because they allow me to host this blog so I get to harness some creative energy that I don't get to use at my day job.

...that my friends K&J are expecting a baby boy this year that they have been trying for for so long. T minus 5 days!

...that even though two good friends of mine have been diagnosed with breast cancer recently, both were diagnosed early, are stage one and have good prognoses. Both are also tough as nails and won't let this take them down. F#CK CANCER!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be bossy and eat turkey!