What the what!? Nov 11, 2014

It was an interesting weekend in the NFL, and I don't mean just with the scores. Since the Pats had a bye (#ihearttombrady) I was able to focus on some OTHER awesomeness that will give you the "What the what!?"s: 

Seahawks v. Giants The Seattle Seahawks mascot has some unfortunate and inappropriate feather placement in this photo posted on Twitter:


Again with the Seahawks. Here their real mascot flies into stands and lands on some poor dude minding his own business. I hate birds but this did make me laugh:


On to the Giants. Here are some great clips of Manning whiffing a pass (#sorrynotsorry) which led to some great "Manningface":

Steelers v. Jets Snoop Dogg is apparently a huge Steelers fan and consequently, is disgusted the Steelers lost to the Jets (can you blame him?). “How the f–k is we losing to the sorry-ass New York Jets.  F–k, man.  Get it together, Ben.  C’mon.”  Priceless.


And the kicker?

49ers v. Saints This happened. I bet Jimmy Graham will think twice about jumping in the stands ever again. Can you imagine the nightmares he's going to have after this?


Happy Veteran's Day!