What the what!? Nov 4, 2014: Mid-term election edition

We're closing in on 10 pm EST and we still don't yet know who will officially control the U.S. Senate - the Democrats or the Republicans.

I love the thrill of election time and exercising my right to vote, but I hate the incessant campaigning, the fighting and the LYING that goes along with election season. Winning or losing valuable seats in the House and Senate is stressful no matter what party you're pulling for.

Another bummer:  I just read on usatoday.com that the candidates are estimated to have spent upwards of $4 billion on campaigning this year. What the WHAT!? That's ridiculous.

Want to see some real WTW doozies?

Here is FackCheck.org's 2014 Fact Check Awards. FackCheck.org spends the year fact checking campaign platforms, promises and ads to keep us rubes in the know about which candidates are stretching the truth. They also compile a comprehensive list of the craziest ads for our viewing pleasure on election day. As they say themselves: "we recognize some of the political ads that made us laugh, dance, gasp, cringe or some combination thereof." #wtw

Enjoy (in a confused and disgusted kind of way, of course)!


Let's cross fingers that something gets accomplished today, no matter who wins.