What the what!?: Nov 1, 2014

Welcome to the first edition of "What the What!?," a new section where I'll write recurring posts about all the crazy shit that happens each week that causes me to channel some Liz Lemon-inspired "What the WHAT!?"

This week was chock full my friends. We had no less than THREE stories about major retailers body shaming women:

1. Walmart: On Monday, the blog Jezebel outed Walmart for advertising women's plus-size costumes on their website in a section called "Fat Girl Costumes." Word has it they took it down on their main site after it blew up on Twitter but it remained on the mobile site for most of the day. Perhaps a disgruntled staffer got control of the wheel? Who knows. Walmart proves again that they suck.  Read more about this from CNN.

2. Victoria's Secret: Oh, Vicky's, what were you thinking? The "Perfect 'Body'?" You know that most of the people who buy your undies aren't supermodels right? Supermodels don't wear underwear! There's so much disgust out there someone started a petition asking VS to apologize and rename their campaign! Tweet #iamperfect to @VictoriasSecret to help spread the message!Read more from Business Insider.

3. Topshop:  Also on Monday, an industrious woman named Becky Leigh Hopper posted this on Twitter:

Needless to say, this post went viral and was re-tweeted nearly 9,000 times (so far).  Becky's friend in the photo is a UK size 8-10 (that's a size 4-6 in the U.S.). So now we are being shamed by mannequins?? If we wanted to see clothes on stick figures we'd go to fashion week, amirite? Want more? Check out some of the other stores called out by women all over the world via Mashable, including one store that has a mannequin with its freakin' ribs poking out.

What the what!?