I'm having "one of those days"

PHoto courtesy of bitesizedbrains.com

PHoto courtesy of bitesizedbrains.com

Why is it that when you are having a bad morning, it snowballs into one long bad day full of accidents, disappointments and frustrations? Is it self-fulfilling? 

You know the kind of day I'm talking about:

You left your coffee on the kitchen counter.

You can't remember if you put deodorant on.

You wore something that in the light of day is not appropriate for work...

...then you spilled bad office coffee on it.

Your boss wants to know what you're working on and you want to scream "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

You show up late to all your meetings.

You butt heads with people you shouldn't be butting heads with.

You don't get a chance to eat so you get lightheaded...and crankier.

You want to do this to your printer or record a video like this.

Help me.