I survived Music Midtown (barely)

short shorts6

Another Music Midtown is in the archives! Typical of any big music festival there was the good, the bad and ugly.  It was definitely a fun weekend listening to cool music, spending time with friends and enjoying the great ATL weather. It was also full of interesting (understatement) fashion, mob-like crowds and several distinct and unfortunate bathroom related observations.Let's start off with the good

1) The music. This year MM had a great selection of bands from diverse genres and decades. I appreciate that.  And since I did my research (and put together my fantastic Music Midtown playlist that you should have all listened to) I knew which bands I wanted to see. Here were some of my favorites:

2) The food. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the food. Lots of great choices above and beyond your typical "carnival food." There were lots of popular food trucks, well known restaurant choices and other interesting booths I've seen at other festivals (I'm talking about you, Australian meat pie people. Yum!).

3) The booze lines. There was plenty of beer and the lines weren't that bad. Perhaps this is because people were sneaking their own booze in (who would do such a thing?)? Who knows, but it was a nice change of pace. They also had plenty of dudes dragging coolers full of giant beers around on the field. They even had wine and whiskey for us serious drinkers.

4) Metallic tattoos. These things are adorable and probably saving a lot of parents the heartache of their child getting the more permanent variety. Basically it's a stick on tattoo in gold or silver that you can put pretty much anywhere to look like jewelry or a tattoo. This girl is rocking a great upper arm metallic tattoo in gold and since I can't see her booty, I give her a double thumbs up (I'll give her a pass on the headband):


The bad*

1) Girl's fashion. I know I am a little older than the target demographic at Music Midtown and I don't necessarily know what today's teenagers are into, but a couple of the fashion trends seen out and about at MM were sooooo obnoxious:

-- High waisted short shorts:  Eek. These things were EVERYWHERE and girls of all body types were sporting them. High-waist cut off jean shorts were the most common culprit. They are not flattering on anyone and to be honest I was tired of seeing so much pale skin. Here are a few of the guilty parties:

-- The hippie look: You had the fringe. You had the big floppy hats. You had the big flowy dresses. You know, if I saw these looks from time to time I wouldn't be so annoyed by it, but when every other girl had this going on you start to get suspicious that Target or Urban Outfitters just put a new line out and it went on sale this week. See for yourself:

-- Headbands: Another from the hippie guidebook. These things were on everyone; I even saw a guy with one (granted, he was super gay). Again, another look that could be sorta fashion forward if it wasn't being copied by every girl at the show.

-- Boots:  Cowboy boots. Ankle boots. Combat boots. All paired with dresses, skirts or the aforementioned high-waisted jean shorts. Hey, I've got nothing against boots; I personally love a good ankle boot. But it was 80 degrees and sunny all weekend. Plus when you see the same "look" on every other girl it starts to stick out. At least this one below with the socks edged it up a bit:

-- Fanny packs:  Saw this a number of times. Sure, maybe it's convenient. But it's still not OK.

The best was when you could spot one girl wearing 3 or more of these looks at the same time. Can you pick them out above?? It's the "Where's Waldo" of music fests.

2) Guy's fashion. I don't have much to say about this except it's no fair that men can just slap on a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt (bonus points for animal shirts) and perhaps a ball cap and they're good to go. I envy that. All of these girls probably spent some serious brain power looking for the perfect skimpy, hippie costume while the dudes were home getting their beauty sleep. But anyway, here are a few "bad" shots of guys that landed their whole species on this list:

3) The port-o-johns.  OK so the lines weren't terrible this year. And they did spring for a section of outer space toilets that actually flushed. But the traditional port-o-johns were a freakin' nightmare by Saturday. Also spotted were those external urinal stations for the men that we heard were overflowing by the end of the day Saturday. Grooooossss.

And the ugly

1) The crowds. Was this MM more crowded than in year's past? Personally I think the culprit was that damn AT&T stage up on the hill. The mobs of people moving back and forth from that area was the worst experience of the whole weekend. Moving from Iggy Azalea to Lorde on Friday night we thought we were going to get trampled. We also took a wrong turn and ended up walking behind the urinal stations mentioned above. Ew. At a certain point we decided never to go up to that stage again.

2) More of the high-waisted look. Here's the worst of the worst:

3) Peeing in public. It will be awhile before I can remove the image of seeing a girl with a loose circle of girls huddled around her peeing practically standing up, bare ass out for the world to see. I'm not super squeamish but this was early in the day Friday. I was minding my own business enjoying the sun and the music when a peeing girl entered my consciousness. Show some respect girl!

4) My feet. Hurt. Bad. But that's not Music Midtown's fault.


As always, Music Midtown delivers more good than bad, and as long as you go with the flow (and drink lots of vodka; see my "How to survive..." list for more tips), you will come out of it alive and with some great experiences. Now onto football, fall fests and Halloween!

Rock on!


*Please excuse the poor photography.