How to survive Music Midtown (or other big outdoor music festival)


If you aren't so young anymore and have a questionable energy level, then attending a large two day outdoor music festival isn't as easy as it used to be. But getting old(er) doesn't mean you stop loving concerts and live music.  Oh, no no no -  it just means you need to be strategic! These things get a little harder the more "mature" you get and you need to plan for all contingencies.

Here are some thoughts of how to make the most of it without wanting to run away (or call an ambulance) midway through the second day:

1) Go with a big group and keep them around you at all times. This will insulate you from the hordes of Millenials (and younger) that will be there, being carefree and skinny and loud and not in the least bit tired from standing all day.

2) Take breaks. If possible, find a spot in between bands to sit down and chill and stuff face with delicious treats from food trucks. Standing on your feet for two days straight is hard work. Take some ME time!

3) Drink. Sure, this is a no-brainer, But let's be smart here. You want to drink just enough so you aren't bothered by the crowds, the port-o-johns, the lines and your throbbing feet, but not so much that you don't remember the show, can't stand up or have to go home early. It's a fine line. I've yet to master it. (Maybe this will be the year!)

4) If there's any chance of rain wear rain boots (wellies, galoshes, whatever you call them). There is nothing worse than being at a rainy festival without the right clothes. This isn't Woodstock. For some reason the last four major music fests in Atlanta have been monsoons. It's troubling.

5) Bring a big purse. Pack reinforcements. I know I sound like a total mom here, but trust me, it's important. Things you might need: a Sharpie in case you get close to Eminem. A jacket in case it rains. A stack of band-aids in case you fall. Tissues for the port-o-john. Vodka. #justkiddingnotreally

6) Check out my 2014 Music Midtown Spotify playlist (click here) so you know what's going on out there. You don't want to look like the only bands you know are Run DMC and Third Eye Blind do ya?

7) At least once, get right up close to the stage. There's nothing like watching a band looking right up at them. It will totally energize you for the whole fest. I remember the days when there was no question I would be up front for every show I went to. Ahhh, the memories (well, some at least. See # 3).

Now go out there and have some fun. Happy Music Midtown!