My Couch to 5K Diary - Week 6

I hate running.

For anyone who actually reads this, you've noticed that these posts have become less and less frequent.  That's because I've started to slow down a little.  Sometimes I take longer between runs and other times I am repeating runs which is slowing down my overall "week counts."  Lately I have to psyche myself up pretty good before each venture onto the treadmill.  The lengths of the runs have become more intimidating and I hate not being able to do exactly what the app says I'm supposed to.

That being said, I ran a full mile straight today!  I've decided not to worry so much about doing exactly what the app is telling me; instead I'm just trying to improve my distance each time I get on the treadmill.

For instance the first day of week six the app asked me to run 10 minutes straight twice.  I did the first 10 successfully (yay!!) but couldn't get the mojo back to do it again.  So I tried again the next time and ran 12 minutes straight once and then did another five at the end;  same with today but I ran 14 minutes straight.

Supposedly I will very soon be able to run for 35 minutes straight (I am literally "LOL"-ing at that and I hate that acronym).  We'll see about that!  Anyway two more weeks then I will be contractually free (of my own conscience) to do what feels most comfortable while also incorporating some weight training and maybe some pilates too (sure, I could be doing that now, but I like to tackle one project at a time).  Then you never know, maybe I'll even do a 5K soon.

Until next time...

Jen xo