RIP Robin Williams

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The great thing about having your own blog is you get to write whatever you want and today I want to write about Robin Williams.  Yesterday he was found dead in his home of an apparent suicide.  Such shocking and sad news to his family, friends and all of us who loved his work.  It's such a sad fact that the people who are best at making us laugh often have the most troubled lives privately.

I was fortunate to grow up during Robin's rise to fame.  Here are some of my favorite memories of him:

8) Comic Relief.  I watched a lot of HBO growing up (#loner).  I remember waiting for this special every year back in the 80s and always loving Robin the best.  He put everything he had into his performances.

7) The Fisher King.  This part was perfect for Robin.  At his kooky best, but with a hint of tragedy lurking beneath the surface.

6) Aladdin.  Never before had a cartoon made me laugh.  I remember seeing this in the theater and just being blown away by how funny he was.  You forgot you were watching a Genie.


5) Mork from Ork.  His cameo as Mork on Happy Days then the spin off Mork & Mindy was the start of the silliness and I never missed an episode. Na-Nu, Na-Nu.

4) The Tonight Show.  Was there anything better than to see how Robin would act while being interviewed on a talk show?   He was a blast and you would bust a gut watching him riff with Johnny.

3) The Birdcage. Again, remember seeing this in the theater and rolling on the floor laughing.  He had such an amazing ability to be serious and subtle with his comedy when he needed to be.

2) Dead Poet's Society.  "Oh Captain, my Captain..."  Ugh, love it.

1) Good Will Hunting.  This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Not to mention I lived in Boston when it came out.  Robin's monologue in the Public Garden to Matt Damon was perfection.  He could make you cry just looking at him in Good Will Hunting.  It was almost like a glimpse into the real guy.

Robin we will miss you for the dedication you had to your art and your comedy and for just always making us laugh.  I am verklempt.

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