My Couch to 5K Diary: Week 5


I hate running.

Whoever created this app is an asshole.  And I'm an asshole for using it.

The start of week 5 didn't go so great.  I couldn't run as long as I was "supposed" to and I didn't enjoy it one bit (do I ever?).  I tried to shake it off; maybe it was just an "off" day.

The rest of the week was a little better, but still torture.

I am definitely going to crawl across the finish line of this thing.  I won't give up but I am definitely not so inclined to keep this up after the 8 weeks is over.  What I don't mind however is the back and forth of running and walking - a few minutes on, a few minutes off.  You get the same benefits of a good workout and getting your heart rate up, without going mentally insane trying to keep it up and wrecking your knees and ankles in the process.

One of the other things I've realized (and read about often) is that muscle strengthening is just as important - if not more - than loads of cardio.  Now, in my situation I definitely need both.  But I think my focus might need to shift a little.  I need to build muscle so it can beat the shit out of the fat, which doesn't seem to want to leave my body voluntarily.

Anyway this is all one big distraction to the fact that I hate running.  Bye bye for now.