My Couch to 5K Diary: Week 4

I hate running.

Shit is getting REAL.

Week 4 is hard.  No more fooling around.  No more 'run a few minutes, walk a few minutes.'  It's time to run now.  I was all cocky that this was a piece of cake.  Nope nope no no no NO.

OK maybe I'm exaggerating.  The most I've had to run is 6 minutes straight.  That's not so much right?


I hate running.  I've had to employ some serious Lamaze type breathing to keep me focused on something other than the fact that I want to quit and go get a pizza.

On the positive side:  my feet and ankles don't hurt as much anymore.  Guess the new sneaks are doing their magic!

Here's an illustration that represents my current state:


See ya next week (I hope)!

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