My Couch to 5K Diary: Running, Interrupted


I hate running*.

So about a week and a half ago I posted my week three update of my running journey.  In that post I promised to keep up my running schedule despite the fact that I was heading on vacation to Key West for 8 days.

Well, I lied!

While I did manage to get two days of running in last week before I left, I fell down on the job while on vacation.  There was just no time.  Plus it was 90 degrees and 1,000% humidity (is that possible?).  Those aren't acceptable running conditions for someone used to running on a treadmill in a lovely air conditioned workout room.

No, I took a vacation from running and you know what, I don't feel bad at all about it.  While we were in Key West, we biked; we snorkeled; we swam; and we walked - a lot.  It was not a lazy vacation.  Granted, I did eat and drink whatever I wanted for 8 days straight and I feel like I need another vacation to recover, but that's life, right?

My plan is to get back on the treadmill this weekend and redo some of the week three runs to get back to where I was, then get going on week four next week.  It's all good.

Happy 4th of July!

 *I feel obligated to say it every time, even though I didn't do any.