My Couch to 5K Diary: Week 3


I hate running.

Week 3 is much like week 2, although this app has me finally running more than a minute and a half at a time.  It's surreal, because I have never (and I mean never, ever) have been able to run more than a minute in a row before.  

It's crazy!  I'm still going pretty slow, but am finding that I can make it until the app tells me to "slow down and walk."

I got new sneaks and wore them for the first time on Wednesday.  I have to admit, they don't make much of a difference.  Running still sucks.

I've had thoughts of running outside as that seems like it might be more interesting, but it's 90 and humid here now -- should I subject myself to this?  Am I kidding myself that my success on a treadmill in an indoor gym with epic air conditioning will translate to the out of doors in the summer GA heat?  (stop laughing)

The other big thing: I actually started looking into 5Ks I could do in the early fall.  Hell hath frozen over.  I must be delirious.

Housekeeping note:  next week I go on vacation from Wednesday to Wednesday so I will try to get all my runs in but hold off until the week after (July 6) to post a combo week 4 and 5 post.