Ode to Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy

Photo courtesy of cinemablend.com

Photo courtesy of cinemablend.com

I have to admit, I stopped watching ABC's Grey's Anatomy a few years ago. It seemed to be getting more and more outrageous; the cast kept changing; and I got to a point that I don't get to very often with a TV show: I didn't want to waste my time with it anymore.

I know - you've never heard me say such a thing!

But anyway, even though I quit Grey's, it has impossible not to hear about what has been going on with Shonda Rhimes and Patrick Dempsey and his character Derek's demise on the show. Sounds like it was decided and handled rather abruptly, much to the dismay of their loyal fans. Ick.

Anyway, here's a throwback mix of songs that remind me of Grey's and of Meredith and Derek's steamy relationship. When Grey's was good, it was really really good.  

RIP McDreamy.