12 Items from The Grommet We All Need in Our Lives Now

Grommet Gift Guide BITNB.jpg

Fire up those Christmas/Hanukkah lists ladies! The Grommet has everything you never knew you needed but now have to have. You've probably seen ads for The Grommet on Facebook. They are a product launch platform for small companies and entrepreneurs. They care about great things like innovation, hard work and values, and like products that solve a problem or make the world a better place. Think of it as the SkyMall of Shark Tank...with a heart.

I combed their inventory for 12 genius items that I think could make all of our lives a little bit better/easier/more organized. From peeing on the go to protecting your newly blown out hair - there's something for everyone. 


1. Dodow Metronome Light Sleep Aid
For anyone who needs a god damn good night's sleep. And by anyone I mean everyone. Buy here.

2. Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch
Do you like your wine? Yes? End of story. Buy here.

3. P-Mate Disposable Female Urination Device
This handy little box allows women to "stand up and go." What you do with it when you're done is anyone's guess. Buy here.

4. Asobu Pill Organizer Water Bottle
Does this pill box make me look old? Buy here.

5. The Porcelain Company Travel Toilet Odor Neutralizer Spray
Everyone poops, but they all don't have to know about it. Travel sized for all your vacation and road game needs! Buy here.

6. Lixa Water-Free Shave Gel
I love this for those last minute, "oops I forgot to shave but I don't want to look like a monster" occasions. Buy here.

7. Hood to Go Portable Rain Hood
No one - and I mean no one - wants to risk ruining a great blow out. Always be prepared. Buy here.

8. tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder
I can't think of anything better than being able to paint your nails while laying on the couch. Or is that just me? Buy here.

9. Savino Wine Saver Carafe
You can drink the whole bottle (obvi), but perhaps it's not a great idea every night. Save your hooch for later in one of these. Buy here.

10. Kevel Fly Ties Perfect Fit
Now THIS is genius! Eat your cake and wear your jeans too!  Buy here.

11. My Critter Catcher Long-Handled Insect Grabber
Be your own hero. Buy here.

12. mb greene Clear Vinyl Stadium Handbags
I don't think anyone really wants to put their shit in a clear purse for the entire world to see. But sometimes we have to play by the rules if we want to enjoy events and have our important girl stuff with us too. Bonus points if you put something racy in there that makes people blush. Buy here.

There you have it - practical, fun and ingenius gifts for all the ladies in your life. Get shoppin'!

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