16 Galentine's gifts that will amuse and delight your girl friends

Show your Galentine spirit! (Buy at etsy.com/shop/RaisingTwoJays)

Show your Galentine spirit! (Buy at etsy.com/shop/RaisingTwoJays)

We all know that Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday meant to torture singles and couples alike across the U.S. This fact was the inspiration for Leslie Knope of "Parks and Recreation" to create "Galentine's Day:"

"Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." -- Leslie Knope

Basically, it's an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate your best girlfriends, who are, after all, more important than a stupid relationship anyway (says the single girl).

So in the spirit of Leslie and Galentine's Day here are 16 gift ideas that could put a really silly smile of some of your friend's faces. And hey, who's to say we can't celebrate each other all year long? Like Leslie says: "Ladies celebrating ladies."

I'm all for it.


Bad-ass Bitch Candle
Make your surroundings smell like how you feel. Buy here.

big mouth wine glass BITNB

Big Mouth Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass
Self-explanatory. Buy here.


Like a Boss Tote Bag
We should all carry our stuff for ass-kickin' in one of these. Buy here.

"Go Fuck Yourself, I'm Coloring" Swear Word Coloring Book
Sometimes you need to color...angry. Buy here.

Statement Tees
Wear your attitude right on your...bosom. Buy here and here.


Leslie Knope Compliment Postcards
Give your bff a nice boost straight from the L Ron Hubbard of Galentine's Day. Buy here.

boyfriend tears BITNB

Boyfriend Tears Flask
Mmm...they're delicious! Buy here

cheeky tattoos BITNB

“James” Cheeky Temporary Tattoos
This could serve as a warning to others who may want to fuck with you. Buy here.

fuck off eye mask BITNB

“Fuck Off” Eye Mask
This one is universally useful. Buy here.

valentines nars.jpg

NARS Blush in “Orgasm”
Sometimes you have to do it yourself. Buy here.


"Passive Aggressive Notes: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings" by Kerry Miller
Build your arsenal. Buy here.


Pro Woman Cross Stitch
Galentines for crafters. Buy here.

I Kissed a Republican Gum
It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Buy here.

valentines poo pourri.jpg

“Share Love Not Stink” Poo-pourri Gift Set
Keep that *shit* to yourself. Buy here.

Sex and the City Inspirational Posters
Inspiration from our favorite NYC gal, Carrie Bradshaw. Buy here, here, here and here


"If You Can Read This Bring Me Wine" Socks
How perfect are these for the wine lover in your life? Buy here.

Bossy is the New Black

P.S. If you do have some single friends, show them some extra special love at this time of year.
Muah XX

Bossy's 2016 Gift Giving Guide for Dummies

Photo from thinkpynk.com

One of my favorite things about the holidays is finding the perfect present for friends and family that I know they will love. Something to show them that I appreciate them, I know them and I want to make them smile.

One of my least favorite things, conversely, is when people don't give an ounce of effort to gift giving. They don't think about what the gift recipient would want or need based on what they know about them so they get something generic or pre-packaged. It's such a waste of money and is contrary to the purpose of the whole idea in the first place. In my opinion, of course.

So I'm here to give you some help. If you are one of those people who just cannot think of something meaningful to give, at least give something useful. Something 90% of whomever you gift it to will love and use and appreciate. Here are some ideas:

Photo from vinepair.com

Photo from vinepair.com

1. For your drunk friends...Booze Gifts (or stuff you can use to mix, carry or hide booze)
I don't see a downside to this one. Unless the person has an issue with alcohol (make sure you find out first), shoring up their liquor cabinet is never a bad thing. Now, don't bring the gift and then drink it all yourself while you're visiting - that's rude.


  • A bottle of top shelf liquor or a really good bottle of wine
  • Bar tools, such as a muddler, a nice corkscrew, a shaker or an aerator (find good ones here)
  • Special drinkware (Moscow Mule mugs are popular)
  • A flask or another fun hide-the-booze container, such as these or these
  • A nice carafe or decanter. Try this one.
  • The ingredients to make a particular drink

You get the point.

Photo from androidauthority.com

Photo from androidauthority.com

2. For your friends with a phone, computer or listen to music (duh that's everyone)...Tech Gifts
At this point, everyone - up to and including your grandparents - is using some sort of technology and needs to charge it, find it, listen to it or clean it.

Try these:

  • Noise Canceling or Bluetooth Headphones (these are nice)
  • Portable chargers
  • Tile Bluetooth trackers, buy here
  • Mini wireless Bluetooth speakers (they come in all shapes, sizes and prices; here's one I like that's waterproof)
  • Cleaners (check out the iroller from the Grommet
  • Spotify membership or iTunes credits
Photo from businessinsider.com

Photo from businessinsider.com

3. For your foodie friends...Kitchen Gifts
It doesn't matter if the person doesn't cook at all or cooks every night, there are certain things everyone needs (in my opinion).


  • A nice bamboo cutting board
  • Kitchen tools you can't live without, such as a Microplane, tongs, a citrus press. Check out ideas here or just hit TJ Maxx and you'll be golden
  • Flavored olive oils or vinegars or salts
  • Entertaining tools (cheese knives, spreaders, a serving platter)
  • A really cute (or really funny) apron or set of tea towels
  • Cookbooks (bonus points if you pick something local or a book from the location of a trip the person just came back from)
  • A cast iron skillet
  • Grilling or tailgating tools
Photo from thriftynomads.com

Photo from thriftynomads.com

4. For your friends who have hobbies, like to travel or live in homes (that's everyone!)...Personal and Home Gifts
OK your first instinct here is "candle." I implore you to resist that urge. Try a little harder.

  • A multi tool flashlight (if the person has a dog this comes in handy for nighttime walks)
  • Games! You cannot go wrong with games; think Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity, Catch Phrase
  • Gardening tools
  • A thermometer or wireless weather station (I have this one)
  • Beautiful custom coasters (shameless plug here)
  • Travel gear, such as luggage tags, passport holder, a travel journal, a book for a trip you know they have coming up (check here for ideas)
  • A luggage scale (I have one and it is one of the most useful things I own. Buy here.)
  • Peeps Eyeglass cleaner, buy here
Photo from hometownlife.com

Photo from hometownlife.com

5. For your friends who are planning a trip, renovating or saving up for something specific...Gift Cards
For the record, I hate giving people gift cards. I will only support it if it's for something thoughtful that the person really needs or is saving for. If you're gonna go gift card it has to be meaningful. 

Examples here would be:

  • GC to an airline so they can apply toward a fun trip or honeymoon
  • GC to Hulu, Netflix or HBOnow if they are a cable cutter
  • GC to Ticketmaster if they have a bucket show concert on the horizon
  • GC to Home Depot or Lowe's or a furniture store if you know they are renovating

I'd even support a gift card to their fave grocery store or for a subscription to the lottery - no rational human would turn up their nose to either of those. 

Now take your candles and boxes of chocolates and Starbucks gift cards and shove them where the sun don't shine. Happy Holidays!


Save SkyMall!


I have terrible news. Everyone's favorite airplane distraction, SkyMall, the in-flight catalog filled with all the junk you never knew you needed or wanted, filed for bankruptcy protection last month. Sure, I never actually ordered anything from SkyMall, but I liked knowing it was there. Like KFC. Or The Container Store.

SkyMall has created products for 25 years for literally every situation you could ever imagine. Need an end table your dog can sleep in? A glow in the dark toilet seat? Underpants that give you extra booty? You knew where to turn.

According to USA Today, SkyMall suffered from declines in revenue since 2012. Apparently they didn't get on board with "the internet" as a form of "doing business." On the bright side, a couple of potential buyers have come forward since the bankruptcy filing. But if no one steps up with cash by late March, SkyMall's assets will be sold and it will all just be one vague memory of creepy statues and posture bras.

But wait - there's still time! Here are some items that you need to order NOW before the lights go out at SkyMall:


Swiss-Army type Camping Tool

Something came over me when I saw this. I have to have it. Is it a tool or is it a weapon? It's both! I love a multi-purpose item. I could hack your arm off with this little ax while filing my nails and popping the top off a cold brewskie. Genius.


Stress Relief Relaxation Pod Personal Sauna System

This is essentially a crock pot for humans. You won't believe everything it does: "the stress relief relaxation pod delivers an automated fusion of fitness benefits of high heat sauna, soothing vibratory massage, pure Himalayan salt detoxification, oxygen-ready and natural aromatherapy." Talk about multi-purpose! Now don't fret - they did have an error in their catalog that the max weight going into this thing is 225 lbs, but that was a misprint. They meant to say the POD itself weighs 225 lbs. Phew.


Replica British Phone Booth

I'm quite sure this is something that most people would love to have. Talk about a conversation piece! Whether you put it out in your yard or in your dining room, there isn't one f&ckin' person reading this who hasn't thought at one time or another "I want to take a picture in that thing."


Armadillo Beverage Holder

I had to include this just because.

Travel Accessories

SkyMall has several classic travel pillows and neck rests to choose from. (You can tell these are classic by the mustache and the art deco patterned airplane seats.) These are the kind of products you make fun of but curse yourself for not having on those flights where you just can't fall asleep. Don't let your pride come in the way of a little rest.


Ice Shoot

This goes in the "hmm, I didn't know that existed, but I need it" category. This is an ice shoot to help you get ice from your fridge into any kind of receptacle. Seems to me you could find many different uses for this thing, amirite?

Garden Sculptures

Who wants a boring garden with just trees and flowers and mulch? Not me. I want to scare the bejesus out of anyone or any thing that has the nerve to walk on my property. That means birds, deer, drunks, robbers - whomever. These are just a few examples of the fear-inducing lawn art SkyMall has to choose from.


Sippy Wine Cup



Personal Oxygen System

Add this to your repertoire of hangover remedies and you'll never waste time being hungover again! Zap some O² up in ya and you're good as new.

skymall iphone binoculars.jpg

iPhone Binoculars

Let's just call these pervert binoculars and move on. No judgment. Could come in quite handy.


Cantina Lounge

Got a double date at the lake? Throw your keys in the middle of this thing and get weird.


Fire Burning Portable Hot Tub

Baths are so last year. What you need is a personal sized, wood burning, portable hot tub for one. Throw that baby in your yard or in the back of your pick-up truck for your tailgate and let your cares (and your pride) melt away. Also for your convenience, there's a handy wine ledge and SkyMall even suggests you can "use the flames to grill your favorite foods."

There you have it. There's something for everyone. Save SkyMall!