That's What She Said 5.7.19

It’s been awhile, but I had so many things to share I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I’d like to celebrate this as the only place you can find a recommendation for Kiehl’s and Florida Woman in the same post. Enjoy!

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye
I’ve been subscribing to Birch Box for some time now and while I enjoy trying new products, there aren’t many that I would pay full price for. This one however is different. Smells good, feels good and actually does what it’s supposed to (i.e. minimizes lines, puffiness, and dark circles overnight). Purchase from Birch Box, Kiehl’s or Sephora.


Celeste Barber, Celeste and Her Best Podcast (Luminary)
If you don’t know Celeste Barber, you are missing out. The Australian comedian/actor/writer has been entertaining people for over a decade but is probably best known for her hilarious #celestechallengeaccepted Instagram feed (@celestebarber) that began in Jan 2015 as an experiment to see what it would look like for an average person to photograph herself re-enacting inane model poses and general rich people things. To date, Celeste has racked up over 5.6 million followers on Instagram.

Her latest venture is a podcast hosted by Luminary Podcasts called Celeste & Her Best. Download and listen here. Follow Celeste here.

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Dead to Me (Netflix)
Get on this dark comedy (or “traumedy” as Christina Applegate recently called it on Watch What Happens Live) from Netflix immediately. Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate play two forty-something women who meet in a grief support group in Southern California and bond almost immediately. Jen (Christina Applegate), a no-nonsense realtor, has recently lost her husband to a hit-and-run; Judy (Linda Cardellini), a painter and art instructor at an old folks home, is mourning her fiancée and several miscarriages. But wait! There’s more! (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it.)

I binged it in two days - that’s my official stamp of approval. Learn more here.

#FloridaWoman Has an Alligator in Her Pants!
”#FloridaMan” has been getting all the attention lately, for “his” everyday antics in the great state of Florida. But he has finally met his match! “#FloridaWoman” is now on the scene and competing for the limelight.

Check it out below. Turns out “Do you have anything else?” is a critical exploratory question, especially in Florida.



Sara Blakely on Instagram (@sarablakely)
Sara Blakely, well-known founder and CEO of Spanx, as well as founder of the Sara Blakely Foundation, a non-profit launched in 2006 to help women through education and entrepreneurial training, is known as a very successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She’s on Time’s and Forbes’ lists of most influential and successful people.

But what she’s also known for is her inspirational and motivational posts on Instagram. Almost daily on Sara’s feed, you can expect to find a new story or quote, or at the very least an inspirational mug, to brighten your day with positive messaging. Her rags to riches story, coupled with her interest in promoting and empowering women, makes her a no-brainer to follow and absorb. What are you waiting for? Follow her here.

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