The BOSSY List: 5 Things You Need to Know Now 2.2.18


1. The damn groundhog saw his shadow

Phil says we have six more weeks of winter. Fucker.

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The honey badger, of course, couldn't be bothered:


2.Tom vs Time (Facebook Watch)
Y'all hear me out: you gotta watch this. I know, I know: you don't want to. But you should. And I don't care if you think you "hate" the Patriots or think Brady is a cheater. Watch this and you will fall in love with Tom Brady. Guaranteed. You will come out of it in awe of his dedication, his drive, his work ethic and his love for his family. You will learn more of what it's like to be a leader. To be responsible for a team and for leading that team to success. All great stuff. Watch episodes here.

(P.S. Did I mention he's super dreamy in this  too?)

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3. Justin Timberlake's new album Man of the Woods released today
In what can only be called a perfectly timed release, JT drops his latest LP, Man of the Woods, and from what I've heard so far, you're gonna like it, you're gonna really, really like it.

P.S. The new video for the single "Man of the Woods" came out yesterday and it's adorable. Check it out below.


4. Patrice Banks, author, speaker and founder of Girls Auto Clinic

Never heard of Patrice Banks? Well, that's what I'm here for! Patrice is a regular gal (OK maybe not so regular; she was an engineer who worked for DuPont) who got fed up with feeling cheated and humiliated by the process of taking her car to the mechanic. She not only educated herself about car repair, she started her own shop called Girls Auto Clinic (employing all female mechanics), she wrote a book (The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide) and gives Ted Talks, interactive workshops and promotes positive messages for female inclusion and empowerment in the auto industry through her #sheCANic movement. She is passionate about equality and empowerment of women, business leadership, innovation, technology and STEM education. I really really ❤️ her.

Learn more about Patrice here. Buy her book here.

5. Super Bowl LII, Sunday February 4, 2018, 6:30 p.m. ET (NBC)
I'm obviously quite biased about this Super Bowl, but since I'm here to educate here's a great post from CBS Sports, "The 52 things you need to know about Patriots vs. Eagles." Read up so you can drop some mad knowledge on your friends during the big game. (Read here.) My favorite factoid from this list:

"47. When Brady won his first Super Bowl, Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett was 5 years old." 

Crazy! For those not interested in the game itself: Pink is singing the National Anthem and Justin Timberlake is the main halftime performer. Justin has squashed rumors that Janet Jackson is joining him for the performance but, as we all know, anything can happen. I for one think she deserves at least a cameo. #justiceforjanet

Have fun y'all. And of course, GO PATS!

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