The BOSSY List: 5 things I love this week 7.15.16

1. The Night Of (HBO). As a big fan of the first season of True Detective I was skeptical that this new mini series of HBO's would grab me, but after one episode I can honestly say: it's intriguing and it's already hooked me in. Here's a great synopsis from The Washington Post:

"Adapted from the BBC miniseries 'Criminal Justice,' [The Night Of] starts with a quiet, studious [Pakistani-American] college student, Naz (Riz Ahmed), who lives at home with his parents in Queens. One night, he secretly borrows his father’s taxi to drive to a party in Manhattan. On the way, a young woman named Andrea stumbles into the back of his cab. She doesn’t care that he’s not actually a driver, and they embark on an ad­ven­ture.

After they spend a wild night together, Naz blacks out — and wakes to find Andrea stabbed to death. Fast-forward, and Naz is taken into custody. He insists he’s innocent, although it doesn’t help that he has a bloody knife in his jacket."

John Turturro stars as Naz' attorney - a role that was originally supposed to be played by James Gandolfini. Catch the first episode on HBO GO and set your DVR for episode 2 on HBO this Sunday. It's no True Detective, but it'll hook you just the same. 

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2. Color Wow Root Cover Up. For those of us who highlight or dye our hair, those last couple weeks before your appointment with your colorist are the absolute worst, right? Every time you look in the mirror all you can see is ROOTS. (#firstworldproblems) 

Color Wow to the rescue! Color Wow Root Cover Up is temporary brush on color and comes in 6 different shades like blonde, brown, red etc. (you get the picture). You apply it to your roots like eyeshadow to hide your roots before you can get the real thing. I tried it and, although it's not as not as powerful as the commercial leads you to believe, it's still pretty damn good. Pick it up at Ulta Beauty or at

3. The Notorious RBG. OK sure, perhaps Supreme Court Justices should keep their political opinions to themselves. And perhaps it's unwise to air your biases in the media. But this year the rules have gone out the window in more ways than one.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who wanted to high five Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg for expressing her negative opinion of Donald Trump as well as her plan to move to New Zealand if he becomes President. We're all with you RBG.

Any hey - if there can be a sexual harassing pervert on the Supreme Court I think we can all tolerate an outspoken women. Fair's fair.

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4. The Emmy nominations. I love TV and it's always fun to see if my favorite shows are recognized by the Emmys each year. This year is no exception. Even though Game of Thrones and The Americans came up big with nominations this year (two shows I quit), a gaggle of shows currently in my rotation got nods: Better Call Saul, Veep, Inside Amy Schumer, Fargo, Luther, Transparent and Master of None

See? I do know what I'm talking about sometimes. View all the nominations here.

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5. This:

Happy weekend!