The BOSSY List: 5 things I love this week 10.3.16


1. "Insecure" (HBO)
I wrote about this one recently in my Fall TV post (here) and so far, I give it two thumbs up! "Insecure" is about a woman (comedian and YouTube star, Issa Rae, playing herself) living and working in L.A. dealing with men and friends and work and how to fit in to it all. I love these kinds of shows.

Best quote so far: "Being aggressively passive is what I do best." 

Officially debuts on HBO Sunday Oct 9 but you can watch a sneak peek of the pilot on now. Read a review from Variety here

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2. New single from Kings of Leon: "Around the World"
Loving this new track from Kings of Leon. Where have they been hiding? New album "The Walls Come Down" releases October 14.

3. John Oliver and "Last Week Tonight"
I think we can all agree that Comedy Central screwed the pooch in not locking down John Oliver to take the reigns from Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" last year. They lost him to HBO. Sucks for them (and for us mourning the loss of Stewart). Lucky for us we get him anyway. 

Is there a more passionate, articulate political commentator who can also swear himself silly on TV right now? I don't think so. And man do we need him. He is confronting the bullshit head on. Taking on the idiocy of the campaign. He even made a plea for Trump to quit the race (it can't hurt to try, right?). 

Watch "Last Week Tonight" on More about John here.

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4. Essie 2016 Fall Collection "Go Go Geisha"
Time to get girlie. As everyone knows I love Essie. I have a gazillion bottles of the stuff. I don't usually buy the collections because there's usually a stinker or two in the bunch. Not this season. There's a gray...and a blue...and a red...and an orange...and a purple...and a pink. Perfectamundo! Nail polish nirvana.

For more info click here.


5. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" Season 42 Premiere (NBC)
No words needed. Just awesome.