Bossy's Favorite Things: Vol II


Favorite things aren't just for the holidays! In honor of my one year "blog-iversary" I'm giving you a fresh list of things that I can't live without that I think you should check out.  (Click here to read my first favorite things list.)


1. Warby Parker Eyeglasses: This gets #1 billing on my list because this concept is f*cking awesome. Sure, this isn't really "new" (the company was founded in 2010) and Oprah already put them on her favorite things list a few years back, but I just had my first experience with the process so it's new to ME. I did two try-at-home kits, then went to the store at Buckhead Atlanta to try on more and made my friend Mary (and some sales clerks) help me decide. They also give advice on Twitter. I did it all. My "Upton" glasses are on the way!


2. Jergen's Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Products: I know I probably have to forfeit my girl card for buying tanning lotions from CVS, but these are inexpensive and actually work. For early in the season go with the "3 Days to Glow" to get a good base, then maintain your natural tan with the Daily Moisturizer. Simple as that. They smell good too.


3. Sebastian Millon cartoons:  I'm in love with these cartoons. They give me the complete giggles whenever I look through them. That damn bunny kills me.


4. La Finca Malbec and Tempranillo Wines (found at Trader Joe's): When all you want at the end of the day is a bottle of cheap wine and your woobie, pick up some La Finca from Trader Joe's and drink all your cares away. It's $4.99 a bottle, but still tastes decent; perfect for when you're going to drink the whole bottle in thirty minutes anyway.


5. The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Bath Collection: My old boss (and by "old" I mean "former") got me inadvertently hooked on these lotions and body washes: I was supposed to pick them up for her whenever I saw them at TJ Maxx, but then I tried them and got hooked and now I just buy them for myself. They smell just like milk! Just kidding they smell like soap - very clean and fresh and light.


6. Better Call Saul on AMC: For those of us mourning the end of Breaking Bad, here is some relief. Better Call Saul is the prequel to BB and focuses on Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman) and his faltering career as a lawyer before he ever came to know Walter White. BCS is addictive and one of the only shows I'll watch the very night it's on. Season 1 is winding down next week so catch up on or itunes


7. Zadro LED Lighted Travel Mirror: You know how it is, you're traveling and you get to a hotel that has NO good lighting to put your make-up on. So you either go out looking au natural or like a hooker. Not anymore. This mirror is lighted, has both a regular mirror and a magnified mirror, and folds up into a little disc you can throw right in your suitcase. #Winning! Just don't come crying to me if you see more than you bargained for in that magnified mirror - you've probably never seen your face this close up before. It takes some getting used to. 


8. This shirt: No explanation needed.


9. Chobani Flip™ Almond Coco Loco Greek Yogurt: In the world of afternoon snacks, there are good choices and bad choices. Overall, I'd call this one a good choice that feels like a bad one. Coconut flavored greek yogurt with bits of almonds and dark chocolate (note: these are both superfoods) to mix in? This is the most delicious yogurt you will ever eat.

10. Beautiful Custom Handmade Photo Coasters: A little self promotion never hurt anyone, right? Choose from handmade coasters designed using photos from several different cities (Atlanta, Boston and Nashville so far) or customize your own set with your favorite pet photos. The world is your coaster! What?! Yup, you heard right. 


P.S. The headers for each item are hyperlink-ed to where you can find them online if you want to purchase anything!