Bossy's Favorite Things

I don't claim to be as wise as Oprah, or as entertaining as Ellen, or as snooty as Gwyneth, but I do have favorite things. And they don’t cost thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars. Some of these I use/have; some are just freakin' awesome. Some would make great holiday gifts; some would just be a great gift to yourself.


1.  Rowenta Iron: I don’t care what model you get, just get one. Best. Iron. Ever. It hisses and moans like a dragon and I'm pretty sure it irons stuff at night while I'm asleep. Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for what happens to you if you get your wife or girlfriend an iron for Christmas. 


2.  Old Navy Fold-over Yoga Pants: For the lazy bastard in your life! (Or yoga enthusiast - whatever.) Who needs fancy yoga pants that may or may not be see-through? Eek. These are super comfy as well as affordable so you can get multiple pairs. I don't sit on my couch without them.


4.  Microplanes: Please don’t buy that disgusting Parmesan cheese in the plastic shaker that lasts for 7 years. Get a Microplane and a wedge of cheese and grate it yourself. The Coarse Grater is used for hard cheeses like Parmesan and the Fine Grater is for zesting citrus and grating stuff like ginger, garlic and spices.


5.  Google Chromecast: Go get one. It enables you to stream the internet to your TV for a mere $35. As of now, it works with Netflix, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, YouTube, Hulu Plus and more. It's like magic.


6.  Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium flat iron: This is a stylist quality flat iron made out of titanium. Titanium! This stuff "maintains and evenly distributes high temps while preventing damage."  It even has little grippy things (that's the technical term) for you to put your fingers on so you don't burn them off. This thing is pricey but I think you're worth it.


7.  Kamik “Jennifer” Rain Boots: Since we seem to be experiencing the wackiest weather, like, ever, we need to be prepared for all contingencies. Don't leave home on a rainy day without rain boots. I have them in red.


8.  Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil: I know, I know, more hair stuff. But Aveda's "new" (it came out earlier this year) dry remedy oil is a life saver. It seals your hair cuticle (look it up, that's good), moisturizes and protects your hair from heat styling. And it makes your hair smell like you just came outta the salon. A must for when you're rockin' the dirty hair.


9.  Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks: Need to know how to cook anything? Go to Ina. She is the best. All of her books have classic recipes that are simple and straightforward. The pictures are beautiful too. You will impress everyone with your cooking if you just do what Ina tells you to. Trust me.


10.  LLBean Hearthside slippers: You're probably like, "Slippers? You nerd" but trust me, these are frackin' great. They have a plastic sole so you can wear them out to walk the dog or if you need to run out for more wine.


11.  Custom Made Stuffed Dogs: Adopt one or make a replica of your own darling doggie! This is the best idea EVER. Granted, I have my fill of cuddling with a real live dog but this would make a great gift. Proceeds support shelters and rescues.


12  The Wine Rack: You've probably heard of the FlaskTie, Here's one for ladies: the FlaskScarf. Or even better: the Wine Rack. Perfect for football games, concerts or when you just don't feel like getting off the couch.


13.  A Bag of Dicks: You know you've been naughty if you find this at the bottom of your stocking. And you thought coal was bad...

Happy Holidays!