Is It Fall Yet? | Fall Styles I Can't Wait to Start Wearing

In many parts of the country I'm guessing fall has already set in: the weather is brisk, the leaves have started changing colors, the scarves are out. Color me jealous! Here in the South we are still sweating our balls off in the summer heat. I don't often wish for summer to be over, but this was a bad one and I am counting down the days until we have cooler weather and are able to wear pants again. So for anyone else who's still baking in the heat, these might resonate with you too.

Here are some fall items I'm definitely ready for. Bring it autumn!

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1. Cozy, Slouchy Sweaters

This one's a given right? Let's do away with our stuffy turtlenecks and structured wool crew necks and stick with big, roomy, oversized, cowl neck slouchy sweaters that are actually - wait for it - comfortable! Pair with leather pants to dress up or tattered jeans to dress down and you're good to go.

2. Riding Boots

Sure, ankle booties are all the rage and I have plenty of my own - but what really makes me feel like fall has officially arrived is slapping on a pair of tall boots. This is probably the most standard, over-done fall outfit for women - skinny jeans, tall boots, over-sized sweaters - but I don't care. It feels and looks great! I can almost hear the leaves crunching under my suede riding boots. 

3. Moto Jackets

I love jackets. Blazers, parkas, bombers and classic jean - I love them all equally. There's nothing better to pull an outfit together. Lately though I've been coveting a moto jacket. No matter what the material - leather, suede, twill or even knit, a moto jacket just seems to add a little bad-assery to your life. A moto jacket with a flowery dress and tall boots?? Yes please.

4. Wide-Leg Pants

Like I said before, nothing says fall more than getting to wear an actual pair of pants. If you live in the South you know you wait a long time to put a pair on. And with wide-leg pants, the style options are endless! Whether they're cropped, dress or denim, they look put together and trendy. Cropped culottes with a high boot? Yup. Wide-leg jeans with super high heels? Oh baby. Wide-leg dress pants with a fitted blouse for work? That's ass-kickin' gear.

Is there a "fall dance" we can all do? I say let's start one. Happy Fall!

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