Let your clothes do the talking: 20 graphic tees that make a statement

Story of my life (buy from  Etsy.com )

Story of my life (buy from Etsy.com)

Statement tees and tanks are all the rage right now. Use this to your advantage. Give people a glimpse into what you're all about without having to say a word. Make people laugh without even having to stop and talk to them. Maybe, they'll stop YOU just based on your amazing sense of humor. 

Check these out:

Show your political support - or lack thereof. Here's my contribution. Buy from LookHuman here, TipsyElves here and awesomepoliticalshirts here

Sometimes, it's just "no." Buy from Target here, LivLuvShop here and Sub_Urban Riot here.

When you need to toot your own horn. Buy from Target here and Etsy here.

For when you need to establish your dominance. Buy from Etsy hereModcloth here and BuyMeBrunch here. 

For yours truly, this is really no surprise. Buy from BuyMeBrunch here and here and Wicked Apparel here.

It's all fun and games til I bite your arm off. Buy from Etsy here, LivLuvShop here and BuyMeBrunch here.

And these just because they make me laugh. Buy from BuyMeBrunch here, Etsy here and Amazon here.