Important update: Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers for your summer color

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Earlier this spring I put the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer line on my list of favorite things (check out the list here).

I recommended the Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, which gives a subtle glow over time, and the 3 Days to Glow, which has a touch of self-tanner in it and gives you more noticeable color in about 2 days. I know there are other, more expensive products out there, but I like this stuff because you can get it just about anywhere (including CVS). Plus it's easy and it's cheap -- win win.

The situation

I can't find 3 Days to Glow any more! WTF?

OK so I only looked at CVS and Target - but those are big places. They would carry it if it still existed, right? Is anyone else having this problem? I can't believe I became dependent on this shit and then they cavalierly take it away. #firstworldproblems.

This situation has forced me to reevaluate my entire self-tanning routine. Or to put it more simply: shit's gotten real. You see, if you haven't heard, the sun damages your skin and can cause cancer. I need a product that gives me my color fix so I can spend less time cooking myself in the harmful rays. 

The solution

I looked through the suite of Jergen's Natural Glow products and decided to test drive Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse. This is essentially self-tanner, which I usually steer very clear of. Self-tanners of the past were notorious for turning you orange and making you smell funny. Not cool.

Don't be this girl (yes that's Lindsay Lohan) (photo from

Don't be this girl (yes that's Lindsay Lohan) (photo from

But since I'm drinking the Jergen's Kool-Aid I decided to make myself the guinea pig and give it a try. 

Here is my expert analysis of the product. It goes without saying -- but I'll say it anyway -- that you need to exfoliate, shave and dry off completely before attempting:


  • It's a thin, airy foam, so it is easy to apply;
  • it's tinted, so you can see where you are putting it and cover all areas completely;
  • it smells nice;
  • it dries fast;
  • it doesn't appear to rub off and stain your clothes, sheets, etc.;
  • it gives instant color. I used the "Light to Medium" and it was still a very subtle warm tan color (no orange here folks).


  • It's for real self-tanner, i.e. you gotta be careful. You have to give yourself enough time to make sure you do it right;
  • it stains your hands. It comes off eventually but only after washing your hands for ten minutes like an obsessive-compulsive;
  • day 2 reveals the streaks, the blotches and the spots you missed (but PRO, you can easily paint in the holes and fix the streaks since you can see exactly where you are applying this stuff). 


I'm not a connoisseur of self-tanner or spray tanning or anything like that but l do know what's easy and what looks good. This stuff does look good. I have been doing an application of the Instant Sun once or twice a week before getting dressed to go out, then using the Daily Firming Moisturizer every day (aka "daily") to maintain the glow and hopefully smooth out any blotchiness. Overall, the Instant Sun is a bit more aggressive than 3 Days to Glow but not horrible...and definitely not as scary as I expected.

Give it a try ladies!


P.S. I didn't get a cent from Jergens for this review. Damn it! If you have another product you swear by, TELL ME WHAT IT IS and I'll try it out!