Affordable fashion picks for spring and summer

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I don't know about you but I'm pretty stoked it's finally spring. And I live in Atlanta! I can't imagine how you Northerners must be feeling. Enough with the boots and sweaters and puffy coats; I wanna be warm! 

In honor of the best times of the year - IMHO - here are my latest picks for trendy yet affordable duds to add to your closet for the spring and summer seasons:

Shirt dresses. Who doesn't love a shirt dress? Wear it straight or belted - either way it's a great casual look that flatters just about everybody. You can find a crepe shirt dress from H&M here or a linen version from Zara here.

Cropped denim jackets. Self explanatory. Click here for one from Old Navy and here for a Guess jacket from Macy's.

Cropped pants (aka culottes or gauchos). Seriously! They're back! Find a silk pair from H&M here and a casual jersey pair from Target here.

Stripes. I love anything and everything striped and I'm going to keep adding it to my wardrobe no matter what season. Click here for short dress from Zara or here for a striped flared skirt from The Gap.

Florals. Florals are everywhere. Check out a floral maxi dress from H&M here and this short version from Modcloth here.

Army green. This color looks great with white pants or shorts and gold jewelry. Check out this long tank top from Banana Republic here or a short sleeve dress from H&M here.

Cropped jeans. It's probably too hot in Atlanta to put on jeans between May and September but they're a must have if you live anywhere else. I love these high-waisted "Lookout" cropped jeans from J.Crew here and a light-wash version from Old Navy here.

Jumpsuits/rompers. These will take some effort - you have to find one that fits perfectly or you'll look like a clown - but I love the look. Long version from H&M here and and short one from Banana Republic here.

70s style. OK I will admit, the Millenials have been bringing this stuff back for a couple years now. Don't dress in it head to toe or you'll look cuckoo, but a flowy or embroidered top or dress can be a fresh addition to your closet. I like this off shoulder top here and this embroidered dress here, both from Zara.

Bermuda shorts. I can't say that I'm sorry that these are coming back around either. I need the coverage. Click here for a pleated pair from The Gap or here for a flat front pair from Banana Republic.

Yellow accessories. Not everyone can pull off a yellow top or dress, but it's still a great color to add to your wardrobe in other ways. Check out this scarf from The Gap here or this yellow foldover clutch from Etsy here.

Happy spring!