4 reasons it's smart to have dirty hair

Anyone who knows me (including my stylist - shout out to Charlotte!) knows that I always stretch out a good blow dry for a "few" days. In fact, there's a good chance that any given time you run into me I will have some stage of "dirty" hair. Part of the reason is pure laziness but the other part is because I have dry hair and I don't want all my hair to fall out by the time I'm 50 (note: that's a long time away).

Procter & Gamble reports (according to health.com) that people in the United States shampoo their hair between four and five times a week, on average, "twice as much as people in Italy and Spain." I actually think that's conservative. Most people (yes, I did a focus group) still insist on washing their hair daily because they think it's part of having good hygiene or because they have what they think is "greasy" hair. But it turns out that there are legit reasons not to wash your hair every day, no matter what type of hair you have.

(Note to you men: don't judge. We go through a lot every day to look beautiful. We need some respite.)

Now, I'm not going to advocate a full on "no poo" lifestyle; that's taking it a bit far. But there are definitely benefits to even just a low poo routine:

1) Your hair will be healthier:  For you ladies who think you need to wash your hair daily because it gets greasy, the hot water and shampoo strip your hair of natural oils and actually inspires your scalp to produce MORE oil to recover. “The more you shampoo, the more you potentially remove oils needed to protect hair shafts and keep the scalp healthy and moisturized," says dermatologist Jason Emer. Even WebMD weighs in: "Dermatologists and stylists agree that there's little reason to shampoo every day. The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed your hair, the longer it can go between washes."

And according to Michael Gordon, the original stylist behind Bumble and Bumble, all shampoo, "even sulfate-free and color-safe versions," strips your hair to some degree and leaves it dry and brittle.

2) Your color will last longer. According to dailymakeover.com: "frequent washing strips the hair of valuable oils that keep strands moisturized, and it strips out your color." This is a no-brainer. Every time you shampoo you dull the color a little -- and that's due to not only the shampoo, but also the hot water. Makes sense that the less you shampoo, the more life you will get from your dye job. Woman's Day says: "Tap water contains chlorine and magnesium, which can accumulate on your hair and make it look dull. To remove them after showering, do a final rinse with club soda. The soda's carbonated water will get rid of this buildup." Another tip from dailymakeover: "If you must wash your hair every day, wash your scalp only, not your hair. This will save your color, keep your hair from drying out, as well as save money from over shampooing."

3)Dirty hair holds style better. This is common knowledge at this point, no? Styles like up-do's, braids, top knots and buns, and sometimes even a good ponytail, are so much easier to pull off with dirty hair. Same thing goes with curling your hair: beachy waves and big curls will be more likely to stay put if your hair is dirty. Clean hair is too slippery and doesn't hold curl or pins nearly as well as hair that has a little extra oil and texture. Think of the "dirt" as glue. So mix it up ladies! Use that day-old hair to do something creative!

4) You will be saving yourself tons of time that can be spent on other great things, like sleep. This is especially important when you are on vacation and you don't want to waste time on anything other than relaxing and having fun.

So go get yourself a shower cap (they have them at CVS!) and give your hair a break. Smooth it out a little each day with a flat iron or give it some body with a curling wand. If it feels greasy or flat add some dry shampoo (here are a few with street cred) to give it texture and make it smell good. Another tip I picked up via Buzzfeed: apply dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed. The tossing and turning will help to work it in, eliminating any white powder blotches, and you’ll wake up with more volume.

Here are some other great tips from Allure magazine on how to wean yourself from shampoo gradually. And here are some celeb styles if you're feeling creative.

Moral of the story: #dirtyhairiscool