The Bachelor 21, Episode 8 Recap: Hometown Throwdowns

Talk about a throwdown (Photo from

Talk about a throwdown (Photo from

I have tried to be patient with ABC throughout this season. I have tried to accept that it's all about the ratings, that we have to deal with the fake drama to get to the good stuff. But this is going one step too far.

ABC: the people don't want Andi Dorfman. We all know there is no mystery surrounding Nick and Andi's status. They do not care for each other. Nick does not harbor any lingering feelings toward her and vice versa. So giving us yet ANOTHER "To be continued" ending just to have Andi give Nick some lame, inconsequential advice? Infuriating! 

AND might I add we are now TWO FULL EPISODES past when you leaked that Rachel will not only not win but is the next Bachelorette. What gives?

Let's just get into it because I have no more patience for this season.

BEST of Episode 8

Raven's hometown. I think this date was the kind of date we were waiting for this season. It took a woman who was perhaps a dark horse and led her to the front of the pack. It had fun and chemistry and tears and authenticity. The parents were honest but not angry. It was sweet and endearing. Are Nick and Raven realistic as a couple? Will they both get crotch rot from that swamp? Who cares! It was head and shoulders above the other three dates.

Nick. I gotta give Nick some props. Offering each girl a rose so that they could choose whether or not to accept it was a reverential move. I dug that whole thing. Nick, despite his raging hormones, is deep down a very sensitive and respectful guy.

Vanessa. Watching Vanessa with her students was probably the highlight of the episode. Any time you can showcase someone, especially a woman, contributing that kind of positivity and love in the world it's a win. That girl really is the full package. Maybe not for Nick but for some guy who lives in Montreal who her family really, really likes. See below.

WORST of Episode 8

Corinne's hometown. I think we can all agree that no matter how entertaining this was, it was still a train wreck.

Vanessa's hometown. I think we can all agree that this was also a train wreck, but unfortunately not entertaining in the least. I am starting to think that Vanessa and her family have never watched this show before. Mon dieu.

Rachel's hometown. Although I found Rachel's family lovely, I found it jarring that they focused on race for the entire date (or that that's all ABC showed us). Yes, I understand that interracial dating is still a big deal in many parts of this country. Yes, I understand Rachel is the first black woman to get this far on "The Bachelor." But c'mon. That was all they talked about! The family already has "a white" in it! I just don't believe that her family is as worried about Nick as they edited it to be. This makes me think Rachel's season is going to be super painful to watch.

This season has gone way off the rails, hasn't it? Poor Nick.


1. Raven. I think she jumps to the top. Besides the red-neck lifestyle she leads, she's is the girl who is the most Nick's "type;" they had a fantastic hometown date; she's already met his parents; and she's a badass. What can go wrong?

2. It's gotta still be Vanessa right? Even though the hometown was incredibly tense/awkward; their interactions are a touch boring; and there's no way Vanessa is leaving her students to move to L.A., they still have pretty strong chemistry and googly eyes for each other.

All of this assumes that he sends Corinne home next; takes Rachel to Fantasy Suite dates; and then something happens that leads Nick to then send Rachel home (or she sends herself) before the final week.

I'm telling you right now: if Rachel goes to the final two and they spoiled this ENTIRE season, I'm going to quit this show forever!

I mean, I will really, really try. 

Until next week...

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