The Bachelor 21, Episode 5 Recap: Whipped Cream and Lies

Love is in the air...finally (Photo from

Love is in the air...finally (Photo from

This was the stupidest episode in what is becoming the stupidest show I watch on television.

ABC - you're on notice. This used to be a guilty pleasure I looked forward to each week. These days it's making me say "Uggccckkkk" and roll my eyes at such a rate that I'm starting to get dizzy.

The conversation between Corinne and Taylor was brutal. The group date was the most boring/contrived thing I've ever seen. The 2-on-1 date was just plain unwatchable. The only thing that redeemed this episode was the 1-on-1 with Rachel so let's focus on that. 

The Best of Nick's Date with Rachel

New Orleans. If you are going to go on a first date with someone, what better place than New Orleans? From the beignets to the 2nd line to the day drinking to the Mardi Gras warehouse, their date unique and playful. There's nothing like being in NOLA to get the chemistry brewing.

Rachel. Finally, we have another girl who has it all: looks, brains, maturity and authenticity! Rachel is the full package (minus the outfit; see below). I almost want her to lose so she gets to be the next Bachelorette! 

Nick. For telling Rachel outright "I am really into you." That's the thing we like about Nick - he's direct and to the point. If he likes a girl, he's going to tell her. No games. (I can't vouch for everything Nick did in this episode, but I have resolved not to talk about that.)

PHoto from

PHoto from

The Worst of Nick's Date with Rachel

Fake bullshit. The girls being told to look out the window at Nick and Rachel dancing in the street below? Been there, done that. Cut the shit!

Rachel's date outfit. Girl, you are a lawyer. You are 31 years old. I could stand behind the shorts, the sexy bodysuit OR the sneakers. But all together? Nope. Nope. Nope. No likey.

Nick's date outfit. If we're talking about Rachel's outfit, we need to address Nick's. That shirt? TERRIBLE.

That's all I can give this time, I apologize.


1. Vanessa for all the obvious reasons.

2. Rachel for all the obvious reasons.

3. Danielle M. gets back on this list because she got some smooches and the group date rose, but I'm starting to wonder if these two have anything to talk about.

I'm kicking Danielle L and Raven off my list because I'm just not feeling those two, especially since Raven dropped the L word on Nick. And is it just me or do Nick and DM have NOTHING to talk about either? Is NIck hard to talk to? If you think about it, do we know anything about him? This is his fourth season and I honestly have no clue.

Let's hope next week brings less girls (is Corinne gonna finally get the boot??) and more legit connections or I'm going to take a moment and say my goodbyes to this show once and for all.


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